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Beanie and Cecil? Ayup… no Bikinis!

Hey there! It’s a beautiful late-April-morn on this 7th day of June…sunny, a soft breeze out of the northwest and 62-degrees on my garden thermometer. Fear not, Nesters! Just checked The Weather Channel’s 10-day outlook and we are heading for more normal temps…read that 70s…up to and through next week, Sunday, aka Father’s Day. More on that next week.


Unfortunately, some fit’s hit the shan lately which ain’t exactly “FEEL-GOOD”, which I will present for your info, review and whatever you desire to do with it. Know what? Let’s get that out of the way and then proceed on a more FEEL-GOOD level. Let’s call this….



No Bikinis!

No Bikinis!

Several years ago, during Dub’s “Wonder Years”, the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Act, which was enacted in 1978 or so, was augmented and The Patriot Act was born, post 9/11/01. Some of you may recall my railing against this as an intrusion on our liberties and how we needed to have controls placed on BigBro, etc. Well, Barry’s guy’s have been doing the same, Verizon customers. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re all under this through our phones; cell phones; computers, (Yep, BigBro may be reading this with you.) Here’s a link to Lynn Sweet’s column and related stories. Well, Ms. Sweet’s column is in the “related” category in this link.


Here’s the thing. It was wrong then and unless or until we get some plausible explanation that our freedom/liberty is not being infringed upon, it’s wrong now! Dub  or Barry…doesn’t matter.


On a related note, it’s busted-clock time as I am in agreement with Sen. Ayn Rand Paul on this.


Speaking of agreeing with a Senator, our Sen. Durbin and two other DemSens had been warning us of this for awhile but no one really listened.


Will wrap with this. Ya think Sen. Ted I’m On Permanent SeaCruz will rail against this? After all, he was so-so-so much of an ardent supporter of 2nd amendment rights when gun control legislation was being discussed, one would think he’d be just as vociferous in this. We’ll see.


OK, enough of this.



1944, The Allies invaded France on D-Day.


1968, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated while campaigning in California. Watched it on TV, well the aftermath as no one realyhad it filmed.




1767, Daniel Boone discovered what we now know as Kentucky, which led to such luminaries as Sens. Ayn Rand Paul and Mitch “The Wattle” McConnell.

1775, The United Colonies changed their name to the United States.



So, I’m perusing this morning’s S-T and I see an item regarding the Miss World pageant being held in Indonesia…a spot where one of our Nesters’ son is doing Peace Corps work…under the heading, “NO BIKINIS” and all’s I could think of was Beany, Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent and Capt. Huffenpuff poring over a sea chart with the “No Bikini Atoll” prominently displayed.


Those of you who are not familiar with this show should know it’s just a notch or so below “Rocky & Bullwinkle”.



Last time, we discussed fertilizing. Obviously, in order for your grass to grow, it needs water. The general rule I received from Bro-Tony is 1/2-inch per week…or a little over a long period of time. This may lead to problems for folks who are on water meters, unlike certain ChiTowners, :-). I have found that an hour/section of lawn is sufficient. If that cramps your water bill-situation, that could be a problem for you. That said, I press on.


For those who have the luxury of an irrigation system, good for you! You should have received a watering guide with it, which makes things much easier, in that you can set it to water the lawn just before dawn, which is primo! That also makes for less

evaporation in application, which means less water needed to actually water the lawn.


Always try to water in the morning. Avoid watering in the heat of the day as you may only have about a 50% actual watering effect. Also, while late-afternoon is OK, watering overnight is not. The water tends to sit on the grass which can lead to lawn disease. Perhaps Tony can comment on that.


Sprinklers. Basically, there are three types, with some sub-types also:

Sprayers/Misters. They apply a steady amount of water in one place. These work best for smaller areas. Misters are generally used around flowering plants which may lose their blossoms if water is applied too heavily.


Oscillators. These are the graceful, back-and-forth sprinklers we see. Generally, they are adjustable to do anywhere from 30-to 180-degrees of vertical application . They work well on larger areas but may run into problems when it’s breezy.


Pulsators. These are the machine-guns of sprinklers, which can vary from 30-degrees to 360-degrees, applying water horizontally. They work better than oscillators when it’s “breezy” but if it’s windy, just about all of them will have limited efficiency.


You will need to be your own judge of when your lawn needs watering beyond the 1/2-inch per week. One way is seeing “stress areas” in it. You’ll see a drying out, yellowing and sparseness begin to appear. When you see that, it most definitely is time to water. This generally occurs when it’s been hot and dry for awhile.


Obviously, when one has a year such as this, where we have had record rainfall in March, April and May, dragging out the sprinklers isn’t that much of a problem. However, it’s only June 7th. July and August are a ways off in the future but not that much and as we know, things could change drastically.


Here’s the Ironically, Ironic, Irony. After you’ve applied your fert and watered, with reasonable sunshine and warmth, your lawn will grow. Yep, that’s right. Every time we do this; we get to cut back the new growth; water it and cut it again and again and again. ;-)

Mine’s waiting for me when I finish this. I cut it last Friday and it’s around 4-inches high.




-TUBULARLY SPEAKING. We watched two “Hannibals” last night as we need to got caught up with them. I don’t know how this show will stay on. I mean, man, oh man! These aren’t just murders but gruesome murders committed by effed-up people, who in some instances then feed on the victim or somehow desecrate them even more.


That said, I was cheering for Doc Hannibal when he fought that other serial-killer.


“The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of”…”The Maltese Falcon” is on TCM, tonight. A classic.


Esther Williams died. Some may recall my referencing her film with Red Skelton, “Neptune’s Daughter” in which Skelton plays a dope trying to impersonate an Argentine polo player, (portrayed by a very young Ricardo Montalban, sans “rich, Corinthian leather” and “Tatoo”) , by saying “I am so delightful”, instead of “I am so delighted”.


TCM may run some of her films as she was part of MGM’s stable of stars.







Did my usual except for the end of the game. Another reason I shouldn’t watch, as when I felt my eyelids drooping, I forced them to stay open. By doing so, I missed my window of opportunity to go to sleep which I finally did around 2:30 this morning.


That said, they’re up 3-1 and head home for Game 5, tomorrow night at the UC. Let’s just do this and send these guys back to LaLaLand and get ready for Boston.





The Sox hold a modest 25-33, .431 W/L record and % over the Cubs’ 24-33, .421 and the CheeseTurds’ 22-37, .373. A Cubs win this afternoon coupled with a Sox loss tonight will vault the BOHICubs into the lead!


Let’s face it, this troika of losers is enough to piss-off the Pope. But hey, it doesn’t hurt when we laugh at them so….




With the 2nd overall pick in the MLB draft, the Cubs took San Diego U., 3rd baseman, Kris Bryant after Houston took Stanford RHP, Mark Appel with the 1st pick. So, will the 6′ 5″, 3rd-sacker be shades of Ron Santo and Billy Madlock…OR…will he remind us of other “can’t miss” prospects at the Hot Corner such as Kevin Orie and Gary Scott? Theo and the BOHICAts better hope it’s the former. He, Bryant, got nothing but rave reviews by MLB Network and the guys on CSN’s Sports Talk Live. Well, isn’t that always the way?

While I wouldn’t have minded a pitcher, there is something to be said about getting a guy who could contribute in 150, or more, games each year than 33 from a starting pitcher. AND, I think while most Cubs fans have no personal animus against Luis Valbuena, we won’t miss him, neither.


With their 2nd pick, 41st overall, they took a guy to appeal to their Milwaukee Avenue fan-base, LHP Rob Zastryzny. Polska Wyrob.



The Sox took shortstop, Tim Anderson. He’s a J.C. ballplayer, which means unless he tears things up in the minors, it’ll be awhile before the Cuban Missile needs to look over his shoulder. With their 2nd pick, 55th overall, they took Tyler Danish, whose brothers, Cheese and Prune also showed a great deal of promise.


OK, gotstago. Have some shrubs which need trimming and a lawn which needs mowing. Have a great weekend and remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots, is a good one.






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