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Barry’s been called “The Prez Who Cried Wolf”…

Good morrow on this the first day of March…a month named after Father Zeus’ immortal son, Ares, who as other Olympians was co-opted by the Romans and re-named, (not saying “christened” as, well, he hadn’t been around yet), Mars, who under either appellation, was the God of war.

Meteorologically speaking, today is the first day of Spring but Winter don’t look like it’s goin’ anywhere soon and since when has meteorlogy made sense? Our normal high-temp…no, not that kind of “high” temp…is 40. We’ll be lucky if we hit 34. Speaking of which, our nonsensical-meteorology for Feberwary was pretty nonsensical. The average, seasonal snowfall in ChiTownLand is 29.2″ but so far, we’ve only had 19.4″; 15.9″ of which fell in Febiary, for 82% of our seasonal snow in the shortest…and cloudiest in years, by the way…month.

Cook Cty - $1/Pack Tax

Cook Cty – $1/Pack Tax

Also, quite a few local fishermen are heading to Braidwood, Il., just outside Joliet, to the Exelon Power Plant cooling lake which opens for fishing, today. Have never made the run on 3/1 but have not too much later. For cabin-fever-suffering fishermen, being able to get out on the water is great…even if when one takes a leak that it may freeze when it hits the air. One crazy thing at these cooling lakes is the air temp may be in the 20s but the water can be in the 70s. No, the fish do not glow in the dark.
OK, let’s get to it.
THE SEQUESTER, ET AL. Sorry, just a little seriosity.
-Wouldn’t it be great if someone in Silicon Valley came up with an electoral-remote control? Kinda like the one in that Adam Sandler flick, “Click”. Yes, I actually watched one of his films…one…that one. But wouldn’t it be neat to just be able to “change the channel” with these ass-clowns?
Haven’t we all grown tired of the silliness? Barry’s right when he talks about the “manufactured crises” but DaGOPers are right when they ask where his leadership is.
One thing. Barry’s been called “The Prez Who Cried Wolf” by his critics and maybe so. However, if/when air-traffic controllers are furloughed and flights are cancelled or delayed, slowing down business, just watch what happens.
-DaGOPers talk about “re-branding” themselves. As if changing the box the in which the lousy pizza is delivered will make the pizza taste any better if it’s delivered in a “New & Improved” box.
DaDEMs aren’t much better. True, DaGOPers have shot themselves in the foot so much, they’re the ones who get all the attention. Still, it’d be nice to see some cooperation. And, please don’t say that they all agreed on the Violence Against Women, as it took 18-months to get through the House.
-Benny 4 x 4′s off to Castle Gandolfo. TTFN, Ben. Don’t let the hitya where your good Lord splitya.
-Saw an item on Mayor Bloomberg’s comments on his PAC paving the way for Robin Kelley’s win in Tuesday’s primary for JJJ’s seat, that he’d never met her. He’d read about her; liked what he read but never met her. So, he poured $2-million into her campaign. Again, I agree with he, she and Barry on gun-control. Still, I’m not happy with the fact that someone who’s never met a candidate nor does not live in the district can decide to, in essesnce, buy an election for that candidate. Then again, had that been a toss-up seat where the NRA thought they had a chance and decided to pour their $$$ into it, maybe it wasn’t a completely bad thing after all. Much like John Wayne’s racist, murdering Ethan Edwards in “The Searchers”, we have to take the bitter with the better. Still, I’m not “all-in” with this concept.
-Today, the cost of smoking cigarettes has gone up $1.00/pack in Cook County.  Now, you’d think this would dissuade smoking coffin-nails. P’raps it does. However, the County projects $29-million in increased revenues from this tax. That’s 29-million packs of cigarettes in Cook County, alone. That’s 1.2+-million packs/month in the county. You tell me.
-Drew Peterson was transferred to the Menard Correctional Fafility; his 3rd prison in a month. Could it be that even prison inmates have a “stench” intolerance?
OK, enough serious stuff. Let’s get a bit more FEELY-GOODIE.
I think you’ll like it.
JROTC member, Rony Monzon who attends Phoenix Military Academy, received  the Medal of Heroism for diving in front of  his friend, taking three bullets to save her life, last July. That’s something which deserves our applause.
How many times have you heard a commercial voice-over ask you if you just couldn’t wait for a “…steaming-hot, tasty cup of coffee”? Why not? I mean, it’s Ok if the coffee tastes like panther-piss but as long as the cup tastes good, so what, right? The correct phrasing would be, “…a cup of tasty, steaming hot coffee…”. Oh well.
-Saw an item the other day where someone asked if light’s speed increases when it enters a black hole. I have no idea though I am sure Raj, Howard, Leonard and ShellyCooperIsASmellyPooper, would have a field day with this.
Speaking of this quintessential nerd-quartet, even though it was a rerun, last night’s show, Sheldon’s Parking Space,  coaxed more than a few snorts of laughter.
Ron Howard, aka, “Opie Taylor” is 59, today.
-I don’t know. All I do know is Richard Roeper seems to be taking over as the S-T’s lead film critic. He has the “big-name” features in today’s paper with a Bill Stamets taking the seconadries. Roper’s fine but he’s no Ebert. Please, that’s no slap. I’ve been reading Ebert since I was in college…yeah, that long ago…and have always liked his writing style. He’s unpretentious; by seldom mentioning how many arcane films he’s seen, seemingly lording that over his readers, while making his points. He and Gene Siskel had that certain down-to-earth though not falsely-folksy, charm about them. Sure hope he’ll stay around awhile longer.
-Speaking of Roeper, he gives “Jack the Giant Slayer” 3-1/2 stars. While some may not recognize Nicholas Hoult, Jack, by name, they may as he was “The Beast” in X-Men First Class. Yet another Aussie/Brit playing an American with no trace of their home-accent. It also boasts Ewan McGregor, (ObieWan from Star Wars I, II and III), Stanley Tucci, who seems to be taking his career in a different direction; Ian McShane, (remember Deadwood?), and Bill Nighy, whose name you probably don’t recognize but whose face is immediately recognizable. Fee-fi-fo fum!
-TCM showed Mel Brooks’ first …and moi’s fave…film last night, “The Producers”. I recorded it as I could not fall asleep for singing along with “Springtime For Hitler”…”Look out, here comes the Master Race!” or watch Kenneth Mars as its author, Franz Liebkind, which translates as “Lovechild”; Gene Wilder’s debut as CPA, Leo Bloom to Zero Mostel’s  floundering, inept Broadway producer, Max Bialystock…and Dick Shawn as Loreznzo St. DuBois…LSD, and have any thought of falling asleep. This was the first of many Brooks’ off the wall screwball comedies.
Speaking of TCM, the John Wayne, Montgomery Clift classic wetern, “Red River is on tonight at 9, Central.
TBS has the uber-silly, “Blades of Glory” with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder at 8
Comcast Sports has the Blackhawks hosting the Blue Jackets at 7:30, which brings us to…..
-17-0-3 is a great start in any sport. No? Not that it’d happen but…that’s equivalent to DaSOX or Flubs’s first 67 games going without a loss and 57-wins AND 10-ties; DaBEARS or DaPACK going 6-0-1 or DaBULLS going 29-0-5. There ain’t no ties in MLB nor the NBA, I know. But I think this does give a bit of a better idea as to how good this start is.
But wait! There’s more! They won 3-0; in St. Lousy; hanging that goose-egg on the Blues with Corey Crawford having had to have left the ice due to an “upper-body-injury” and Ray Emery coming in and keepng the shutout going.
I don’t know what’s happened between ’10 and now…besides the strike…but these guys are on a mission and are playing as well as anyone can hope. Problem is, they have to keep it up through the playoffs.
-Continue to show they’re a decent team; capable of beating teams they’re s’poseta. Yes, they’re hurt well-beyond Rose. Right now, they’re the 6th seed in the conference, which’ll get them into the playoffs. Still, don’t see them going very far…even with Rose. Let’s face it, the problem they’d had with D-Rose was the lack of another scorer. That has yet to have been solved. Sorry, not so FEEL-GOOD.
-DesignatedStudStarterMattGarza may open this season as he ended the last…on the DL. Am I the only one not-so-eagerly awaiting some form of repeat of the Prior/Woody eenfahmoos “towel-drills”?
-Speaking of Owies…Starlin Castro pulled his hammie the other day running out a grounder. Does this fall under the, “Be careful what you wish for” to those who belly-ached about his lack of doing so last year? Just askin’.
SwamiSveum says this should give their young-stud-prospect…whom we hope is not the next Bobby Hill…Javy Baez, a shot at more playing time. He’s only 20, so even if he lights it up, he probably won’t make the trip. Still, he’s s’poseta be a vacuum-cleaner at SS, who can hit. Would an A-Rod type move to third be in order for Starlin if he, Baez, makes the club? Again, just askin’.
-So far, it looks like Marmol’s the closer and Sukiyaki’s the set-up man. I’m sorry, Fujikawa. I just hope Marmol can regain his form from a couple years ago and Sukiyaki isn’t another Fukudome…or Pie…Choi.
-Adam Dun says that with their finish last year, his rebound from ’11 means nothing. Give the man his props. In today’s S-T article, he says, “It’s kind of embarassing actually to win something like that, (the Comeback of the Year Award), because something bad has happened to you previously,” said Dunn, who batted .159 with 11 homers and 42 RBI in 2011. “It wasn’t anything injury-wise; it was just a bad year”.
I recall commenting on that last year, pretty much saying the same thing with NesterBill, one of our few Sox fans, agreeing with me. My gripe was more with the honorers; not the honoree, as this award was generally given to someone who’d been injured and then came back very strongly.
-The SFC’s free agency period begins on the 12th with some truly, notable names. Here’s the link:
DaBears’ HenryMelton is in the Top 4…that’s pretty high, folks. Da Pack’s Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson and LB Brad Jones are in the Top 85.
DaBears Izzy Idonije’s one, too.
Here’s the thing…both teams’ GMs ain’t big on free agency. Still, with a draft which is reported as long on meat and potatoes – read that, linemen – and short on flash – read that as wideouts/QBs and RBs; F/A may be the place to go. Problem is, all these guys aren’t there just because of cap considerations. For example, take Jake Long, starting LT from Miami. Folks, top-notch LT’s are as rare as hens’ teeth. Just ask DaBEARS and    DaPACKEHS. So, if he’s available, one must ask the obvious question. Why? The other problem is, many time, teams wind up over-paying for some, not all, F/As.
There’s a note that Greg Jennings may be one of those who will be overpaid. Don’t get me wrong. I like the guy; always have. He’s a class act. But, he’s injury-prone and if they were to “franchise” him, they’d REALLY have to overpay him under the CBA. Plus, the fact that they have Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson among others, didn’t bode well for Jennings…even had he stayed healthy. This could/should bode well for your Bears, guys. He’d be the perfect foil to Brandon Marshall and would give their opponents fits…that means my guys.
I’d like DaPack to see if they can get theirselfs some help on the D-Line, as well as a foil for Clay Mathews AND on the O-Line, however, they may do the flip-flop I mentioned the other day with Bulaga moving to LT from RT and leaving Barclay at RT. They also need a for-real RB. Former Illini, Rashard Mendenhall’s an F/A. They also still have Ced Benson. There are some available in the draft. Also, they’re still looking to replace Nick Collins as their free safety from the ’10 Super Bowl season. Wowzers! You’d think they were a perennial 7-9/ 8-8 or 9-7 team, huh?
OK, it’s getting late and I have things to do.
HaGooWeekend! Remember Lewis Black tells us that no matter how schitty things may be, at least we won’t get smallpox today.

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