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Good morrow. How y’all been this past week or so? Me? Well, I been busy…more on that later.


What the Hades happened to our “Utility-Free” days? It seems as if we’ve had another “..from Winter to Summer…”, Spring this year. My A/C’s ,been on since yesterday morning due to the humidity and my having to wear a “Mike Bates” CPAP-mask. Having

plastic right against yer skin when it’s yoomid ain’t no fun, McGhee. Oh well. Things’re sposetabe a bit more seasonal later in the week but for t’day and t’morrow, ain’t no frost on the punkins.


Where to begin…where oh, where, to begin? wooo


How ’bout…



So, Barry’s guys are busy putting out political fires…some serious…some, well, we’ll hafta wait ‘n’ see.


1). THE IRS.

I apply Chris Mathews’ test to this, which is, if Cheney and Stub were to have done this, would we be OK with it? Not really. So, let’s have an investigation…but not a three-ring circus a la NoBonerBoehner. Nope. If he wants “arrests”, then let the FBI do its thing. Of course, that may not be within the “make political hay out of this”, inasmuch as the FBI does not send our PRESS RELEASES with any kind of agenda. They investigate; charge or dismiss by whatever evidence they gather.

2). Benghazi.

Let me see if I have this right. There were some 50 or 60 such raids on U.S. diplomatic missions during StubHub’s and his party’s leadership(?), which resulted in 13 deaths of US. citizens. There were, ahem, a grand total of 3…three…t-h-r-e-e…

investigations, with no one; not nobody; not no-how coming anywhere near using terms such as, “culture of corruption”. So, other than politics, what’s got their knickers in knots?


3). The AP.

I guess if our House Repubs’ undies are in such a dither over this, why is it none of them have suggested we repeal The Patriotic Act, under which those AP phone records were obtained?


I AM NOT…REPEAT, NOT…SAYING ANY OF THESE SITUATIONS ARE OK. They are deserving of scrutiny by the proper law-enforcement departments and whatever comes of those investigations, let the chips fall where they may.


I am saying that Congressman Darrell IssAnsshole’s credibility is about at the same level as those who dreamed up “WMD” in Iraq.



On the other side of the coin, does it seem our local DemDaDemDemLeader has some kind of political death-wish?


1). He’s alienated ChiTown’s black population with his closing of just about 54-schools, most of which are in black neighborhoods. Racism is being used to describe this. Don’t agree with Rahmses, nor the racism chargers. Still, t’ain’t helpin’ him.

2). He’s alienated the police; fire department; ChiTown’s teachers; and just about any and every other group with his “alleged”

austerity programs, saying the City doesn’t have the money to pay them. Then, miraculously, finding $30,000,000.00 for “bike

lanes” or $100,000,000.00 for an arena for the DePaul Blue Demons basketball teams to use 28 times a year. Oh yeah…they say DePaul is making this possible. Uh-huh. Wait a minute! I think he’s right as a pig just flew outta my ass! (No offense Blue Demon Alumni Nesters.) After telling DaFlubs, no money for them. AND, they actually bring $$$ into the City! (No, still don’t think they should get tax$$$. Just using this as an example.)

3). It hasn’t quite reached the media with the notice it should, but Rahmses has come up with a plan to charge CPS-pre-K parents as much as $4,000.00/school year. It will be means-tested, the means of which usually get jiggered around, but means-tested nonetheless. You think whitey on da et’nic north and south West sides are gonna be happy about that? Especially after seeing their property taxes go up under Rahmses? Uh-huh. You bet.

Porky Pig just flew outta my ass. Quit stutterin’! Two for two.

4). In quite a revealing interview, Cook County Prez, Toni Preckwinkle let loose with quite a few negs about Fearless Leader from the 5th Floor. She’s well recognized, minority, and well educated. Rahmses may be opening the door for her to take over his slot.


He’s pissed off just about every facet of ChiTown’s electorate…not to mention suburbanites who may decide to avoid all the extra expense of, “Goin’ To Chicago”.


To paraphrase, Dub, “You’re doin’ a great job, Rahmie!”

Whoops! Now “Babe” just flew outta my ass. Three for three.



Am I the only one who’s about had it with the trivialization of language? I refer to the source, of course, advertising and its

“trickle-down” into the lexicon. I’m not going into the ad-arena and their bastardizing of our language. However, you may feel free to make any contributes as you feel.


But FatRats, why this? Well, my dear Nesters, over his past weekend, the Church across the street from DaNest held a 5K-Run/Walk as a fundraiser. As I worked on doing some transplanting of shrubs and other gardening activities; the participating

runners/walkers were doing their 1/2-mile laps around the Church/School. As they got to the “Start/Finish” of each lap, a woman would grating-screech, (Yes, screech. She had “one of those” voices.), at the top of her lungs, “AWESOME WHOOOOOOO!!!!, #154!” or whatever number the participant wore. OK, yes, they accomplish something and it was for a good cause. But AWESOME? AWESOME, WHOO!?


The example given on is: “the awesome sight of an erupting volcano”.

I leave it to you. Does a 4-block run/walk equate to that…even if done 10 times?


No? Ok, in t’day’s S-T, there are folks quoted regarding the shutdown of the Red Line at 95th Street. One said she was “…savoring this last ride…”. OK, one does not “savor” a ride on a CTA subway; nor is it the “last”, as it will re-open in 5-months. Another referred to it as “historic”. Harold Washington being elected Mayor of Chicago was “historic”. A 5-month shutdown of a train is extremely inconvenient but far from “historic”.


Another? Ever read some Tweets? Posts online?



That’s it. Just asking that question, as it sure seems “Crash” Davis inspired them. In other words, talking a lot but not saying anything.



Was it first done with “Dallas”? I mean the “cliffhanger” final episode of a TV show.

Last week, watchers of “Person of Interest” were left with UberEvilLady, “Root” having access to “The Machine”.


Though we haven’t watched it yet, “NCIS” is at the brink of being shut down! Uh-Huh. CBS’ll just let their #1 drama go Bye-Bye!


Sherlock found Moriarty; had her, (yes, “her” and quite the comely English lass), arrested. Uh-Huh. The world’s most famous, fictional-detective’s nemesis has been removed from the story. Folks, there was a reason Ian Fleming didn’t have James Bond  “do in” Ernst Stavro Blofeld” until “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.


MBH’s fave, “Hawaii Five-0″ ends tonight with another cliffhanger? Don’t know. MBH hasn’t even seen the penultimate episode



“The Big Bang” has Leonard leaving with 4-to-5-months on The North Sea as a member of Steven Hawkings’ research team, while Raj suddenly can speak to women.


“Revolution” is getting some traction. The subplots are knitting together somewhat plausibly, with ”Aaron” now becoming more than the whiney fat-guy, nerd. He, actually, is rather important to the story.


“Game of Thrones”. I don’t think I’ve watched anything with as convoluted of a storyline than this. “The Sopranos” pales in comparison.


No, haven’t seen “Iron Man 3″ yet. We will.




So, MBH was out; it was mid-afternoon and I remembered they were on. Tuned in to see the score was 3-3 in the top of the 8th, with FujiKuchy on the mound; who, promptly gave up a tape-measure blast to right by Mutts’ 2nd-sacker, Dan Murphy, making it 4-3. I did NOT see starter, Travis Wood give up the 2-run, game-tying, shot in the 7th, thankfully.


Folks, it is one thing to watch a team grow…like we have with our kids. Some ups/ some downs. But these guys have given away so many…too many…games that it’s just painful to watch. Compounding the problem is, any guys who ARE playing well,

may just as well not be here as more than likely, they’ll be dumped by the trade-deadline.


On the plus-side, they have had some pretty good starting pitching but, (It’s always that, “but”, isn’t it?) how many of these guys will stay? Garza’s due back,  tomorrow. Will they keep Wood? How about Feldman?


One guy who’s staying is Anthony Rizzo after signing what’s been called a team-friendly contract. Don’t know about you but a 25-year-old getting an average of $6,000,000.00/year, with options for more in possible additional years ain’t setting him up for any “bake sales”.

I seem to recall a Cub from recent history who signed similar deals; didn’t bitch and moan; just went out and played his game, which eventually got him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I speak of Ryno, of course. Rizzo strikes me as the same type player. He really could be something…barring injury. It’s always that, right? He struck out 3-times, yesterday. One would think that’s Adam Dunn-like Except when we see that he had not “K’d” in his 39-previous A/Bs. This kid’s the goods. I only hope he odes not follow Kerry Wood and Mark Prior’s history of being injured and never quite reaching his potential.



Tied by the Wings. Didn’t watch…see above.

Still believe they’ll win the series and progress.




Have things to get to, so more on they and their “Poodle” another day.



So, Dave Carimi, the last pick from Jerry Angelo’s “tackle-vineyard”, seems to be adiosed, as while OTAs are ongoing and a while new offense is being installed, he’s down in Arizona…AND…the team’s fine with that?



Other than extending Mathews and Rodgers and (hopefully) making positive additions to their “D” and running game in the draft, not much.


OK, gottago. HaGooDay. Remember, anytime we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.




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P. S. I did not ignore your emails. I have been away from this for a week and have to get caught up. I will forward them presently. Thanks for sending.




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