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Welcome to the Rat’s Nest, Nesters!

The Rat’s Nest is where Nesters meet to talk about Chicago sports, news, and politics as well as national events and more! Fatrats writes his colorful “Ratitorials” two to three times a week, and we’ll also bring you interesting and fun videos, pictures, jokes and other pieces of interest. If you’re looking for a (slightly?) opinionated view of the news told in a no-holds-barred way in the “No Stupid Zone”, check back daily!

It’s Thor’s Day! Let’s Feel- Good As Much As We Can

i_feel_good1Don’t have to tell Chicagoans that it’s a might “crisp”, even a “snap, crackle and pop”, kinda day out there. The frost is – just about – on the punkins. Looking for the silver-lining, as much as the cold awakens “Uncle Arthur”, who reminds me that with each year, I’m getting older. Or, as Robert Redford told Jane Fonda in “The Electric Horseman” as he achingly awakens from sleeping on the ground, that different parts of his body wake up at different times. :-) Anyway, with the chilly weather upon us, MBH made her world famous chicken soup. How famous is it? It’s so famous, JoAnne Worley likes it! And, the reason you’re getting a semi-Feel-Good Friday edition is I will be making some eenfahmoos, “Rich’s Touchdown Chili” about three-months early. Don’t worry. I’ll make it for the Super Bowl, too. OK, let’s get to it. Some Feel-Good…mostly, I hope…

some not so. Hey, life sucks, then we die, so….

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It’s Feel – Good Friday.. Why Not A Film Review?

The-Martian-movie-poster Howdy!

Just returned from seeing Matt Damon in Ridley Scott’s  “The Martian” – 3-Stars – and as I have stuff in line for next week, am sending this now.

One might think that Oscar-winning director, Scott, along with a cast consisting – mainly – of Matt Damon; and capably supported by Jessica Chastain, Michael Pena, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Eijifor, Sean Bean and Kristen Wiig, among others would get a higher rating. Yeah. That’s how I felt.


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It’s Feel- Good Friday! Is Everybody Happy? Cubs and Mets Fans Are!

hqdefaultGood morrow! It’s a sun-splashed, chilly morn, here in ChiTown. We’re shivering on the outside but warm ‘n’ fuzzy on the inside as, well, our Cubs play the Mets for the National League Pennant, starting tomorrow, in N’Yawk. (More on that later.) It’s 43 and there’s a freeze-warning, overnight for the entire area, but mostly in the ‘Burbs. Nevertheless, the frost will be on the punkins. OK, lets’ see what’s what, eh? (Added the “eh”, as Toronto’s in the playoffs, eh.)







“National Liqueur Day”. Go ahead. Have a few shots of Peppermint Schnapps for its medicinal use as a natural carminative, i.e., “an aid to digestion”.



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It’s Feel- Good thursday!

Heard from another-T that they missed these. I’ve decided to do them more often and hope you enjoy them. You’ll never guess what the main topic will be today. Hint…it involves a group of guys who wear blue and work at 1060 W. Addison. But first…


Oh yeah. Some of you have been sending me stuff which I’ve been negligent in forwarding. Sorry. I signed up for some news feeds and holy crap, do they churn out the emails. I’m “unsubscribing” so my inbox isn’t as full…every damned day…as it was when I was still working and returned from vacation. OK, let’s get to it.




So, Wat, what day is it and what happened on it? Well, let’s see. It’s…

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Guess Who’s Back On Feel- Good Friday??? Hint… It Ain’t Donald Trump




Staind-It’s Been Awhile Unplugged

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