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Are we fighting about the Wrigley rooftops? AGAIN!

Good morning!

Tis the first day of Spring! Moi’s most favoritist season. Apollo’s chariot rises earlier and sets later; its warmth intensifying as we edge  inexorably towards the heat of summer. Well, at least it is somewhere. As I type this, my tells me the temp “feels like”, ahem, a downright balmy…2. Let’s play THREE! :-) (Ed. note I’ll try to place “emoticons”…if I remember…so as to not confuse anyone when I am being a wise-ass.)
OK, let’s get to it.

The Wrigley Rooftops

The Wrigley Rooftops

Don’t know what to make of their convention when they invite the likes of CaribouBarbi to speak but leave out NJGuv, Chris Christie. They said it was due to their Guv slots were all filled. They found room for their loser of a presidential candidate, Mittsy and oh yes, the scion of Adolph and Eva, Ann Coulter.
Again, those who ignore the past are doomed to repeating it. Again, I refer to DaDems post-’68 and again post-’80 where they imploded and fell in to that nearly inextricable of political traps…winning primaries (to satisfy their base with “red meat” rhetoric)…but losing national elections. If Christie had run, I doubt Barry would have been re-elected. Why? Well, most folks don’t give a feather or a fig if their elected officials have passed some kind of “purity” test of their liberal or conservative principles. All they want is solid leadership and someone who can deliver when the chips are down. DaDems got the memo with Dukakis. They realized it takes more than tossing fish to the barking seals of their base to win a national election.
This past weekend, CPAC said they didn’t need to change anything but to be even MORE conservative. Go ahead. See what happens.
Memo to Dave…see, these folks do these things on their own…unprompted by moi. They just keep doing it. DaDems have not…at least not to that extent.
Reince Priebus, RNCC, (what a name, huh?) did his “Coroner’s Report” on why DaGopers lost in November. Again, it seems they’re just going to put lipstick on that same pig that lost for them in November and figure it’ll be named Miss U.S.A. Again, go ahead. See what happens.
Last, CaribouBarbi and Bush’Brain, aka, TurdBlossom are going at each other hammer and tongs! I think they exemplify the term, “circular-firing squad”.
10-years ago, yesterday, we began George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. Here are some numbers you may find interesting: nearly 150,000 Iraqi dead; nearly 4500 American dead; 32000 American wounded among whom were over 600 amputees. Oh yeah, to date and continuing to grow each day, $2,200,000,000,000.00. May 3rd will be the 10-year anniversary of his proudest moment…his “Mission Accomplished” speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. Talk about yer ironically, ironic, irony! One of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on the USA being celebrated on a ship named after “Honest Abe” Lincoln!
Friday night at 8 Central, MSNBC has a special called, “Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War”. I’ll record it.
Yesterday, Chris Mathews did rip-job on the media during the run-up to the war as being almost complicit with DaBushies and their subterfuge by not asking the hard questions; worse, not asking the hard, follow-up questions; doing little to actually show the American people that the WMD bullschwit was, in fact, WMD bullschwit!
Politicans are politicans. Like leopards, they can’t change their spots. BUT, a free press is there to expose the ugly-underpinnings in matters such as this. In this instant, they were derelict in their duties and shame on them. This isn’t a free pass on the Bushies. Hell no. They should occupy a new Circle of Hell, the 10th, under Satan and Judas, the worst of all sinners, so as for their schit may drop on the heads of each media-collaborator for each and every nanosecond of eternity, for eternity.
Heard this the other night as I accidentally tuned in to Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC. (I turned on the tube and it was set to MSNBC.) Normally, I’d change as though I respect her intelligence, she’s a tad too far left for moi. But this was a “busted-clock” moment. It seems that part of Trick M. Nixon’s “secret plan” to end the VietNam War was by undermining the Paris Peace talks which only continued the war thereby causing 15000 more of our guys to die by the time we got our heinies outta there in ’73. Maddow explained that LBJ didn’t/couldn’t say anything was, well, J. Edgar Hoover had the phones of the Vietnamese chief negotiator tapped…illegally, thus LBJ said nothing as it’d be one helluva ‘splanation he’d hafta make…that we bugged our “ally’s” negotiator.
You can look this up on Wikipedia, among other sources, though you may not want to as it made me want to puke.
-A mixed bag on the tube tonight, some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue? on network TV.
TCM has 2010, the sequel to 2001, starring Roy Scheider and John Lithgow.
AMC is showing TLOR:The Two Towers,  back-to-back. They’ve taken a 4-hour film and put it into a 5-hour timeslot…twice. I cannot fathom how they keep any viewers…at least for films.
FOX has American Idol with a Portage Parker, a kid whose name escapes moi, still on. TCLR is watching as she recalls the kid when he was a student at PPES. Moi? Not really.
-As there is very little to say about Spring Training news other than who has an Ouchie or who had a big game, I am going to spend this time on the following…DaFLUBS, DA ROOFERS AND DEIR ERRAND-BOY, DA ALDERMAN.
The other day, I had mentioned how TommyBoy Ricketts and his fam shoulda done his/their due-diligence regarding the contract which existed between DaTribsters and DaRoofers and Dere ErrandBoy, DaAlderman before signing the sale docs. I maintain my position on that. You also are aware of moi’s position on DaRoofers’ piracy of a copyrighted/trademarked product. I maintain that. Also, I have previously stated, not a dime of tax-money, other than crowd control for any buildings, expansion, whatever for DaFlubs, which ToomyBoy has said he will no longer request. All he wants is to be able to run his biz like a biz and without all the extra-silliness foisted upon the team when it wanted to have night games…25-years ago this coming August 8th…by DaRoofers and Deir GoFer, DaAlderman…with which I agree.
There are two items in t’day’s S-T on this issue, one from Fran Spielman and the other from Rick Telander.
Ms. Spielman’s gives an account of how the Alderman has said the Cubs should just tear down their center field scoreboard and then put their signage on that. That way, his contributors, The WrigleyVilleeches  won’t have their views obstructed. Now, you all know I’m way past waxing-nostalgic about Cubs Park. I want to see a World Series there before I die. I couldn’t care less about views of the Leeches’ buildings along Waveland or Sheffield. If/when I go to a ballgame, I go to watch the game. Period. One of the beauties of the Cubs’ scoreboard is it is also one of the most informative, despite its age. One can look up at it and know who’s doing what; in which inning and for how long. Trust me, when I was at the rain-caused doubleheader in ’03 when they clinched against the Pirates, all eyes were flitting to the scoreboard to see what was happening in Houston’s game as their losing clinched it for the Cubs if they won. That’s what a baseball fan, a Cubs fan, does. We don’t give a schit about apartment buildings across the street. Well, the alderman thinks we do. I got news for him. We don’t.
I’ve stayed away from getting too critical of the Alderman as I was not certain of how much he was involved with DaLeeches. According to the article, he is,  and pretty dang deep. One can only infer from this quote: “Put it in centerfield. Make it as big as you want”, that he has absolutely no knowledge of what that scoreboard means to fans, informationwise…totally aside from nostalgia and/or landmark status.
Rick Telander’s is on how he and a friend of his who lived in one these apartments; when they were apartments; would go on the roof to watch a game. It is very interesting. You can read both at You may have to “sign up” but unlike the Trib, it’s free.
But wait! There’s more!
Over the weekend, Greg Stephens, Mayor of Rosemont, offered 25-acres of land to the Cubs on which they could build a Wrigley Field replica ballpark on Balmoral and I-294, free! You see, the Stephens family has known how to make deals with money-making businesses which bring $$$ to both parties, forEVER! I am quite familair with the spot as I had customers there before Rosemont claimed the land by eminent domain. It is right next to the northbound exit from 294 and across 294 from a southbound entrance. It’s also just a few short blocks from the Kennedy, I-190 and I-90, not to mention O’Hare. Imagine visiting teams exiting their planes; getting on a team bus and being at the ballpark in what, 15-minutes? Also, there are hotels, bars and restaurants all around there which would be more than capable of hosting the guests…not to mention The Rivers casino just about a mile or so up River Road.
Now, MayoRahm knows they won’t move. Well, the odds against it would be pretty high. Still, with all the H.R. PuffNStuff going on with that idjit alderman, one could hardly blame the Cubs if they were to move to Rosemont. At this point, I couldn’t care less. I want to see the Cubs in a World Series before I die. Period! Besides, while I’m waiting for that, it’d be easier for me to get to Rosemont than Wrigley Field, as right now, I have to allow an hour travel time and I’m just west of Central, 2-blocks from Irving! MayoRahm should step in as he knows, as do we, that Wrigley Field is the #3 tourist destination in EllaNoise. He also is aware that Wrigleyville sans Cubs ain’t nuthin’ like Wrigleyville on a Friday afternoon in July with a 3:00 o’clock start for a game, which translates to something like 12-hours of bar-biz, folks.
Memo to Dave…please note, I am not…repeat, not…advocating for public funds for the Cubs nor any other team. Rosemont “offered” it, which is completely different. And, the Cubs’d be idjits if they didn’t at least check it out. Free land?!?!!? No goofy alderman or Landmark Commissions to deal with? !?!?!?!?!
After all of that, whilst watching their Spring Training game, Sunday, I believe; on ‘GN, still part of DaTrib, which is still a minority owner of the team, what to my wondring eyes did appear but a commercial for…wait for it…wait for it. You getting a hint? No? It was for one of the rooftops!
Go figure!
OK, gotstago! Have a great 14-degree first day of spring remembering thoe words of Lewis Black all along that at least we won’t get smallpox today.

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