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Who’s on your all-time baseball team?

allteimebaseballteamWell boy howdy, a well-digger’s arse seems like a mighty warm spot compared to our hometown, huh? Here’s the thing, it’s gonna be like this through Woden’s day; then it’s gonna warm up an we’ll get some more snow. Ah, Chiberia!


OK, let’s get to it.






This is a link to a story which ran in yesterday’s S-T on what the guy who was sposetabe the guy who took care of reporting on the perv-priests, who didn’t. One telling line is this: “”…clergy at the time were not ‘mandated reporters’.”


Yeah. He said that. And we’re supposed to be good Catholic boys and girls and forgive him/them. Uh-huh.


The more that comes out; the worse it’s gonna get. It’s called “rolling disclosures” and anyone who’s done this before has paid the price.




Please enjoy the following link:




“Latin Kings leader wants  gun permit”. Well, why the heck not?


“New runway sends noise gripes soaring, has yet to reduce delays”. This is in reference to the O’Hare expansion, FormerMayirRichie’s pet-project.


“Footprints in snow lead to robbery suspects: cops”. Guess Agatha Christie didn’t school these dudes.


“Cops find about $1M in pot”. No, they didn’t find the dinero in “a” pot.


“Bank of America trading under scrutiny”. See? Get declared to be “Too big to fail”; promise you won’t be bad boys anymore, then go out and be bad boys again. Easy-peasy.


“2300 cut at Sam’s Club”. Well what did you think the Walton family’d do? After all, they needsta keep gettin’ more dough. Screw those old biddies who hand out samples. They can eat cake.


“Stamp price now 49-cents”. Man, I remember when it was 7-cents!


“Rand Paul takes swipe at Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal”. Fine, but he neglected to include Newtie’s getting his “toolbox” rearranged by someone other than his wife, while he led the charge. Oh wait. He then converted to Catholicism. Maybe Rand thought he wanted to become a priest.


“Snowden: Government wanted to kill me”. Ya think?


“Majority on food stamps now-working age people”. I tried to pull this one up, as it’s a shame that college-educated kids; unable to find jobs with any decent pay are in this position. 14% of Americans are now receiving food stamps. There’s something really effed-up about THAT picture.


“CPS: No choice but to close schools”. This quote appears in the story and it makes this guy kinda lean 9-degrees to starboard. It’s from a “parent”. When I read this to MBH, she agreed she was extremely glad as to not have to deal with such needy clowns.

OK, here it is: “They gotta have a better plan, said Paolo Urizar, 40, whose 7-year-old daughter goes to Walt Disney Magnet School. “They need to provide an alternative for parents — make it a day care.”


Paolo, why must the City find day care for your kid? Last time I looked, you were the only one involved with your Mrs. in bringing her into the world and she’s YOUR kid. So, why should we have to provide day care for her? Grow up.



My mind’s wandering back to three-weeks ago, when we were in Spain. Why? Well, it was in the 60s there, for one thing. But that’s not all. We had been talking about our visit to The Prado and viewing the works of Velazquez, Goya and El Greco., which led me to this recollection. The portraits of their former kings caused me to think, “It’s good to be king”, as the Hapsburg kings weren’t no George Clooneys, nor Cary Grants. Man, were these dudes homely! Which led me to think, “It’s good to be king”, as, well, they ain’t no way in hell any of these guys would get near any woman without being, well, King.



1825,   Congress approved the relocation of Eastern Indians to Oklahoma in what’s been referred to as “The Trail of Tears”. Hmmm. Maybe it might be better when Congress doesn’t act.
1965,   Military leaders ousted the civilian government in South Vietnam. Ah, freedom! And we sent our guys there to protect that.
Kinda makes one proud in some sick-assed sorta way.
1973,   A mere 8-years later, a cease-fire was declared as the Paris Peace accords were signed and we all lived happily ever after.
1978,   The Supreme Court ruled that American Nazis could display their swastikas in a march in Skokie, Illinois. Hmmm, wonder
if the then GOPers thought those Supremes were, “activist-judges”.





-”Burt Wonderstone”. Watched this one on HBO. I’d give it 2.35-stars. It’s that low as with Steve Carell as the title character; Jim Carrey as his nemesis and Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, James Gandolfini in supporting roles, I expected better. That said, there were a few LOLs. However, had we spent the time and $$$ to see this at a theater, we’d probably have been most-majorly disappointed.


-”A Farewell To Arms”. Watched this one on TCM yesterday afternoon. How to say this…hmmmm. Man, was that draggy! And no, I don’t mean that in reference to Rock Hudson.


-AXS-TV. This cable network is owned by Mark Cuban. Last night, they had live performances by Fleetwood Mac, Sir Paul and The Stones, among others. I get this on AT&T Uverse. Don’t know what other cable-providers carry it. It’s great for us aging-rockers.


-The antithesis of TCM, AMC has “The Green Mile”, tonight. It was a long film to begin with, so once they get their hands on it, we can be sure it’ll get super-stretched out with commercials. They did. It’s in a 4-hour time-slot.


-The Grammys. As I’m not a big pop-music kinda guy, most of the time I found myself trying to figure out who was whom.

It was nice to finally see who “Lorde” was and nicer even for the kid…she’s 16 or 17, depending on who/what the source is.


-Am I the only one who’s about had it with Jay Z and Beyoncé?


-Didn’t like that Sir Paul McCartney and his collaborators beat out Sir Mick and the Lads.





Yes, I know. Everyone’s talking about this guy and yes, I agree, he has the personality of a pile of steaming feces. That said, I learned a few things about him. According to Bill Maher, he graduated #2 in his class…from Stanford. In t’day’s S-T, it says he graduated, again from Stanford, in 3-1/2 years. This guy’s nobody’s dummy.


But that’s not the reason for this entry. For years, I have been lamenting the rules-adjustments by the Socialist Football Collective

towards treating pass-receivers as some kind of “untouchable” caste. I long for the Al Davis-era of “bump-and-run”, hand-checking receivers downfield until the ball’s in the air, as opposed to the prima-ballerina style of play now openly encouraged by the Meester Beegs of the SFC. Receivers can do just about anything and get away with it; pushing-off is just one. The “Rub” play, which pretty much resembles the basketball, “Pick and roll”, is hardly ever called. But let a defender touch a receiver 15-feet-one-inch beyond the line of scrimmage and it’s “Illegal contact”,  carrying a 5-yard penalty, as well as  an automatic 1st down.


So, as much as I hate and/or despise the SchitBirds, if they can get some defense back into SFC football, I won’t argue.



Funny. When Mikey McKlutzkey was cryin’ for a freebie stadium, our then-Mayor suggested the re-making of Soldier Field to include a retractable-dome. Uh-uh, said Mikey. The Bears play outside!, he declared. OK, fine. No one said they’d have to close the dome but Daley buckled. He also let the McKlutzkeys have their way with a seating capacity of 61,500. Far below minimum-seating capacity for a Super Bowl. This was mainly so the McKs not have to worry about a possible blackout. Think of that Chiberians. If not a Super Bowl, what about a Final Four? And, please don’t diss me on this. Detroit’s had, at least, two S/Bs and anyone who wantsta try and compare Detroyit favorably to ChiTown, please try but you’ll fail.


Anyway, New Joisey’s sposeta be cold and snowy. One can only wonder what they’ll do if our Chiberian-weather drifts there. Oh well.



Yesterday afternoon, TCM showed “The Pride of the Yankees”, during which I tried to impress on MBH, Lou Gehrig’s unbelievable talent as a hitter. That prompted me to think of something we used to do years ago, pick our all-time baseball team. The only rule we had was we had to have seen they guys play…on TV or in person. There’s no right or wrong as this is nothing more than personal faves. Here are mine:


1st base        Willie McCovey

2nd               Ryno

3rd               Eddie Matthews

SS                Luis Aparicio

LF                Hank Aaron

CF                Willie Mays

RF                Roberto Clemente

C                 Johnny Bench

RHP              Bob Gibson

LHP              Sandy Koufax


Yes, very NL and ’60s-slanted. I’m an old NL-kinda guy. Obviously, there are only 10 here. I could have used others but settled on these.


What about you guys? I know there’re some AL-leaners out there.




Former Cubs-starter, Carlos Zambrano was ejected from a game in his native, Venezuela after a bench-clearing brawl erupted.


To think, there was a time we Cubs fan saw him as our #3-starter, behind Wood and Pryor. What a waste.


OK, my butt’s gettin’ sore, so am going to wrap it up for t’day. Please feel free to respond to anything posited here.


Don’t forget, no matter how cold, nor how hard it is to see a rosebush, any day we can still look down at one instead of up at its roots, is a good one.











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