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Baby With AIDS Virus Cured?

Good day on this March 4th, the 46th anniversary of the day my best girl said “Yes”, when I asked her if she’d like to be, well, my best girl. We spent this fair and foul day at the show seeing “Jack the Giant-Slayer”, (more later), and then went to lunch at a spot where we’d spent many a Friday evening together. It was nice. This may have been one of the causes for moi’s years’ long enjoyment of The Stones, “She Said Yeah!”, off their “December’s Children” album.


There’s a winter storm watch out for ChiTownLand which says we may…repeat, may…get up to 9-inches of snow by Tuesday evening. Again, it all depends on which way the wind blows. Let’s hope they’re wrong but we’ve been so lucky the past couple years, the law of averages says it may just get us this time.


OK, let’s get to it, shall we?baby cured of aids



-I’m not going to go into a whole lot on this. Rather, here’s a link to Terry Savages column in today’s S-T which gives a fairly good account of what’s gone on and what we should really be on the lookout for and/or beware:



The problem is, as it is with any and every thing in D.C., it all gets caught up in rhetoric. As it says in both, the cuts-% are welcome and neither would they be a bad idea…except, they are just across-the-board cuts…cuts from programs which work well along with those which are duplicative or wasteful in other ways. THAT is the problem. Unfortunately, one side refuses to discuss that. They prefer to just let this happen and let the chips fall where they may. Sadly, the only thing we can do is remember them at election time(s)…and throw their arses out of office, nomatter which party.



-Y’all may have seen, heard or read about this. Here’s the report as in today’s S-T: “A baby born with the virus which causes AIDS appears to have been cured, scientists announced Sunday, describing the case of a child from Mississippi who’s now 2-1/2 and has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection. There’s no guaranty the child will remain healthy, although just traces of the virus’ genetic material still linger. If so, it would mark only the world’s second reported cure”. Now that’s something!




-On the same page, the S-T also reports that , ” A Scottish cardinal on Sunday acknowledged having engaged in unspecified sexual misbehavior, apologized for his actions and promised to stay out of the church’s public life”.


Imagine that?



-Y’all recall when several ChiTown-Aldermen said they have CPD Supe, Garry McCarthy, in their crosshairs over the spate of murders in our fair city…many of which were committed by gang members? It’s been all over the place, so I’m guessin’ ya have. As backstory, y’all also know that being a ChiTown Alderman is a part-time job and because of that, they are allowed to hold other jobs, right? Didja further know that one of them thar Aldermen, Howard Brookins, a former prosecutor and public defender still practices law and didja even futher know that he’s represenented at least one gang-banger and got gun possession charges dropped against him, despite the fact that his client was a former felon?

You can read the details in Michael Sneed’s column from Sunday’s Trib. It’s headline reads: “COP CRITIC A HYPOCRITE”.



FYI…I have neither great feelings nor ill towards the Supe. Some of what he’s done has been good. But as a resident of the 16th Police District, I do not like that cops from our district have been re-assigned to others. One of the main reasons our neighbors and we live here is the lack of crime and large police presence. But, there’s a political-house which needs shoring-up, so, well, you know.





-Decided to give New Engaland Seafood Company  on Lincoln near Roscoe a try, Saturday afternoon, as it had gotten high marks on “Check Please” as well as “Chicago’s Best”.

Maybe we hit on a bad day, I don’t know but of he three of us, only one liked it. We tried the lobster rolls and their fried Fishermen’s Platter.

“Well I’ve never been to Maine but I kinda like their lobster”…at least at many a fine ChiTownLand restaurants, I have. At those spots, I do not recall it being like trying to chew a GUM eraser! Y’know, like when calamari’s been cooked so long that ya think maybe a bank rubber band fell into the cooking oil, on to the plate and in to your mouth!

On the fried Fishermen’s Platter, it probably was the 20-odd minutes it sat in the styrofoam container on the ride home that turned the breading into more of a thick, taupe-colored, paste. Still, even with allowing for that, it was bland and tasteless. Considering that three-items rang up to nearly $60.00, we expected more.

Now, we do live less than a 1/2-mile from Hagen’s fish shop on de et’nic nort’wes’ side, which may have spoiled us. They’ve been at the same location on  Montrose Avenue for EVER, well since 1946, and I can say I have never been disappointed with their food. That said, it’s about 95% carry-out and no, they don’t offer lobster rolls. Still, if anyone were to ask moi, I’d suggest them over the newbie, New England Seafood. Sorry, but at their prices and the amount of travel-time and the aforementioned inherent risk with the fried fish, I’ll stay in da ‘hood.



-Watched this one on STARZ, Saturday evening. It was the re-do of the Tobey Maguire/Kirsten Dunst flick of 2002, Spider-Man. I did prefer Andrew Garfield’s characterization of Spidey and, well,  Emma Stone’s got it all over Kirsten. Sorry. She just does. This young woman has one helluva career ahead of her! It also didn’t hurt that Martin Sheen and Sally Field were Uncle Ben and Aunt May…nor Dennis Leary as NYPD Capt. Stacy. I’m not going into much detail as if you’re the type of person who enjoys this type of escapism, go ahead and watch it be it on Premium cable or rental. It was worth it.



-Took a gander at the first half of this as the CLR was out with friends, then recorded the rest. For a pilot, it wasn’t half-bad…which also means it could possibly not be half-good, either. I’m willing to watch the rest and maybe an episode or so. However, it IS on ABC, which means it may drop in to a night-time soap. Not sure. Being that its only competition on Sundays is the comb-over King of New Yawk and his idiotic “Apprentice” shows; reruns on CBS or reruns of The Big Bang Theory on local TV, (moi’s choice), it may be on for awhile.

The plot strains credulity. A member of a pot-runner’s crew steals 75 kilos of cocaine from SanFran’s #1 crime boss. But wait! There’s more! The “crew’s” leader is the son-in-law of a Russian mob guy, who’s pretty tough but not quite as much as Mr. Schiller. No “spoiler-alert” necessary as they’ve done this to death in promos. So, her hubby’s guys…actually her brother…steals the coke; gets caught; her husband gets gunned-down in his driveway by a guy on a motorcycle and she then has to “work-off” the $1.5 mil the coke was worth. Now, here’s one twist, someone stole the kischka! But, nobody knows who it was…dead hubby; brother or their turd crew-member…or DaBigBoss…or her Daddy. ..or…or….

Don’t worry, she isn’t going to “work-off” the $1.5 mil “that” way. She has to join him in his crimial enterprise.


It’s good that it takes place in SanFran as some of it really requiere the Golden Gate to help the viewers “suspend their disbelief”.



-Just saw this one and we had a great…though not perfect…time. I’ll ‘splain later, Lucy.

Please note the title. It’s NOT Jack the Giant Killer. There’re a couple reasons which I’ll get into later.

We saw this in IMAX 3-D, which was a tad distracting to moi, though not the CLR, in that I often found moi’s self straining moi’s neck, as if I were watching through tri-focals and needed to find the best lens line for seeing. That said, it was a ripsnorter. Nicholas Hoult was “spot-on” (it’s a Brit story and film, so….),as Jack. Elinore Tomlinson was perfect as Isabel, the Princess; Ian McShane was Ian McShane. That’s no slap. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give a bad performance. Stanley Tucci was excellent as Roderick as was Ewan McGregor as Chief of the Guards, Elmont.

The film uses the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk as its basis and is fairly true to it, with a few, minor exceptions, which are the reasons for the “1/4 star”. They have to do with elements I…and no doubt you will have…awaited from knowledge of the tale which were given just passing mentions and nowhere near the prominence one might expect…at least if one knew it.


The action is fast and furious with the CGI-FX top notch. When the “beanstalk” begins to grow, you believe it is. The characterizations were top-drawer as well. Though, I found the second-head of the two-headed giant, Gen. Fallon to sound more like “White Fang” from the old “Soupy Sales Show”, than I am sure the director meant it to. Still, the giants were ugly, stinky, belchy and farty. Oh yeah, with all that, they musta been immortals as there weren’t no “lady” giants, neither.


It’s fun…it’s fast-paced; well-performed and enjoyable, save the items I mentioned. I’m not going in to what they are as I don’t want to spoil anything, nor do I wish to dissuade anyone from seeing this….and if/when you do, IMAX is the way to see it.



-Saw some pretty good “Coming Attractions”, “Oblivion” a Tom Cruise Sci-fier; “Man of SteeL’, guess who that’s about. Hint, his real name is Kal-El;

“Oz”, with James Franco and Mila Kunis and another, the name of which escapes moi but looked cool…fighting alien-monsters with American-made robot-monsters. Cool.



-The History Channel’s been touting this series for quite some time now. Much as anything now is up to the interpretation of the director(s), this began with Noah’s Ark being tossed about during The Great Flood. Noah is telling the creation story to his children, among the lambs, oxen and camels in a Scottish-brogue one could cut with a chainsaw. It began losing moi with that. No wonder I went to “Red Widow”.


                                                                         AND NOW…SPORT


-What can anyone say? I mean, these guys have gone into two of their biggest foes, the Blues’ and the Red Wings’ home rinks and beaten them; the Blues with a shutout and the Wings in a shootout-victory on goals by Kaner, tying it late in the 3rd and winning it in the shootout during which,e Corey Crawford allowed no Wings to score.


Sure is nice to have a nationally recognized team in a major sport, huh?


Oh yeah, I get the shootout, I think. If neither team can win in regulation nor regular overtime then whichever can win the shootout gets the win and the two-points associated with a win. The team that does not win…note, I didn’t say, “loses”, as, well…does not get the loss but does get the

1-point they’d'a gotten had the game ended in a tie. As I have not watched much NHL over quite a few years, I’m guessing this was done to build interest, a la the DH in the AL of MLB years back. Still, a loss is a loss, right? Unless it’s in a shootout in the NHL.



-Noah’s on fire and good for him. With all the guys who are out due to injury, he’s really coming to every game stoked and ready to play. One would like to hope that once they all return all will be well but that seems to be doubtful.



It’s official…Garza’s a pine brother until, maybe, May. That paves the way for Smarj to be the Opening Day starter.


Sox are saying Peavy’s looking helthy. That’d be a nice switch, eh Sox fans? Having Big Jake all season long would be a real treat…for yuze.


Not much else. Just yer basic Spring Training stuiff, so am going to sign off for now. I thought I was sending a copy of The Heckler with this but it seems I lost it. I’ll forward it under separate cover.


Remember what our leader, Lewis Black said: no matter how schitty things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox today.


HaGooDay, FatRats.

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