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After the Muslims “took over” their own land…

Good day. It’s HAPPY HUMP-DAY! Unfortunately, it’s also September 11th. I have done a “Ratitorial”, which is at the end of today’s post. It’s too serious to begin with, so feel free to read…or not. No, there won’t be a test on this.


ChiTown’s September Sauna’s ‘sposetabe coming to an end later today. So much so that the forecast high for Friday is in the, ahem, 60s. That said, it’s been drier than dry, since our rainy Spring and early Summer, with July and August at half their normal

rainfall levels. Some cooler weather will be appreciated by all but the most ardent sun-worshippers.


Ambling to the Way Back Machine, let’s see what’s happened “yesterday and today” on, shall we?




1419,   John the Fearless was murdered in Montereau, Fance by the dauphine. Could this have beens the inspiration for Deep Purple’s  “Smoke On the Water”?


1547,   The Duke of Somerset led the English to victory over the Scots at Pinkie Cleugh. Heard that’s some Cleugh, that Pinkie Cleugh.


1846,   Elias Howe patented the first sewing machine, setting the stage for the establishment countless sweat shops around the world, making T-shirts; gym shoes and Zeus knows what.


1929,   Arnold Palmer, the man who helped lay the groundwork for PGA golf and what it has become, was born.


1963,   JFK federalized Alabama’s National Guard t prevent George Corley Wallace from using them to prevent public-school segregation. Ironically, 53-days later, he would be assassinated in Dallas, TX.



1297,   William Wallace defeated the English at Stirling Bridge, which may have inspired Mel Gibson’s film, “Braveheart”, well before he went off his rocker.


1916,   “The Star Spangled Banner” was sung at the beginning of a baseball game in Cooperstown, NY, for the first time. This, unfortunately led to song “stylists” thinking our National Anthem” was some kind of Gershwin or Cole Porter tune to be, well, stylized.


1965,   The 1st Cavalry Division, aka, “Airmobile” arrived in South Vietnam. They were later immortalized in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”, with – possibly – its most famous scene, that of the helicopter attack on a Vietnamese village set to a recording of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”.


2001,   At 7:46, Central Time, the first of 2 commercial airliners loaded with passengers was purposely crashed into the World Trade center; followed by another at the Pentagon and yet another, heading for The White House which was averted when the passengers stormed the cockpit but died in the ensuing crash outside Shanksville, Pa.





-Not unlike the ’60s Dems who were hawkish to an extent that Zeus only knows over ‘Nam; who once Trick M. Nixon was elected, suddenly spouted wings and began cooing like doves, today’s GOPers have transformed themselves from their hearty, hi-ho, Silver backing of Dub’s implementing his “Bush Doctrine” to begin an all-out war with Iraq over, ahem, WMD, which were not, nor have yet to have, been found to, now, posing the same danged questions asked of Dub’s folks by his opposition but NOW say they’re listening to their constituents’ concerns.




-”Son stumbles onto mom’s sex video”. No, it doesn’t say who the “mom” was.


-”School rethinks dreadlocks ban”.



There’s a story that Rahmses sent a nice note to recently-overwhelmingly-reelected CTU-Prez, Karen Lewis, while she was recovering form an undisclosed medical issue. Why? Just to be a nice guy or does it have something to do with this certain not-so-popular-Mayor being up for election in ’15; right when the current CTU-contract is set to expire. Yes…I know…cynical, isn’t it? Still my Snidey-Sense says after last year’s teachers strike debacle, he needs another one or some more contentious negotiations like I need to gain a few pounds. Those not directly involved in the strike may not remember but, CPS was pushing for a 4-year deal, which would have put the negotiations…calm or cantankerous…in a post-election situation. The CTU said, “No, 3-years”.


Get the picture?





-”Ray Donovan”. Took this one in, Monday night. Man, it’s dark. We’re wondering if it’s going longer than one season, as there are so many things which have been done; some involving law-enforcement…not to mention killings and more. Season’s ending next week, I believe.


-”Under the Dome”. Man! Stephen King must really have hated the Bushies and 5-deferment Dick Cheney! I say this as he openly said he based his ultra-super-nasty-azzed bad guy, Town Councilman Big Jim Rennie, on Cheney. He’s almost as bad as some of the guys on “Ray Donovan”, fercrissakes…maybe worse.


-”Fast ‘n’ Loud” is back. I really hope they don’t go the way of “Orange County Choppers”, though it seems they may be, what with Richard now opening  the “Gas Monkey Bar and Grill”. I really like this show as they’re taking cars that I grew up wishing I had and making them better. Oh well, one can only hope.


-”Duck Dynasty” has a newbie episode, tonight. We’ve begun watching the show and while it still isn’t quite our brand of Scotch, it’s a-growin’ on us, some. I do like Uncle Si.


-Double-dip of “Modern Family” tonight. We still like it, just not quite as much as the inspired lunacy of “The Big Bang Theory”.





-So, they’re in Cincy and win their second game, this time 9-1 off Edwin Jackson’s pitching, hitting a homer, along with Wellington Castillo blasting 2 and $100,000.00-Bonus-Baby, Danny Murphy’s grand son(?), Donnie, launching his 10th. They’ve lifted themselves to a mucho-robusto 62-82 record. No, that’s not it…THIS is. There are only 18-games left in their 2013 season!


Last night, I heard some talking heads now say it won’t be till ’18 if/when they contend again, as time dictates that even if these guys they have acquired all are phenoms in the bigs; they still will need a few years to mature. Well, I’ll be 70 by then. Hopefully, I’ll still be here and if I am; again, hopefully, I’ll still have my faculties about me and if/when they actually do anything, I’ll be able to appreciate it. No bated breath on this.



-What are they gonna do? Yes, they have pitching but who will they keep and who will they cut loose? Arnold, Bill and Nick will have to let us know that. I doubt Paulie stays. I like him. He’s a consummate pro; has been least till this year. Don’t think they 1) can afford him and 2) really want him. Sorry.



-OK, it’s Wednesday and I’ve gotten over Sunday’s loss in Frisco, so am starting with the Pack.



Despite getting torched on pass plays, the “D” was stout against the run. That said, their secondary needs to know and stick to their coverages AND relearn how to tackle


They did score 28, on Frisco’s “D”.


Rodgers is Rodgers but needs to get more in-synch with his receivers. Should come with time.


“O”line, while a work in progress wasn’t bad on pass-protection.



Too many blown coverages and missed tackles on D.


Penalties at the worst times. Decent runs by Lacy were called back due to two calls on Josh Sitton, away from the plays. Can’t have that. Huge need to get more aggressive when run-blocking.


Matthews, Jr, hitting QB OOB, was about as stupid as stupid could be.


Turnovers. 10 or 14-points given to Niners off them. Can’t do that, neither.




The “D” made plays when they had to, though some big mistakes on pass coverage.


Congrats! You have a for-real TE.


The “O” line looked better than any I’d seen at S.F. for many a year.


Jay played more like Jay Cutler and less like Jay North, aka, Dennis the Menace….




Need to get #22 more involved.


“O” needs to get more cohesive. That should come with time.


“D” let Cincy do as they would, early on. They don’t force the turnovers, game could have been out of reach at halftime.


Bears looked not-so-hot until about halfway through the 3rd quarter. That’s not a rip, merely an observation. Interestingly, the Bungles looked like a LuveeKravezit version of the Bears.



-Big games for both, this weekend. Bears host ViQueens. It’s a division game. ‘Nuff said.


The Pack host the ‘Skins, Sunday and need to win, convincingly so. What I mean is, after getting thwacked in Frisco, they need to show they can still play or they’re in for a long season. That and that they really need to do a better job of establishing their running game. Lacy seems to have the skills at RB; would be nice to see what he does with some blocking.


OK, am signing off as I’ve been at this for a couple hours and have other things to attend to.


Take care and remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.






A Ratitorial follows.




I began typing this as the TV showed the memorial service for those who died 12-years ago on this date. In an ironically, ironic, irony, we find ourselves dealing with yet another dust-up in the Middle East. This time it’s Syria. Here’s a link for some background on the ridiculousness we westerners have been dealing with there, though history shows we  are anything but blameless.


But wait! There’s more!

After the Muslims “took over” their own land…the Holy Land…in the 7th-century, I the early 11th-century, Pope Urban II decided Christians needed to take them back…some 400-odd years later with the 1st Crusade…which was followed by 8 more, concluding in the late, 13th-century. The rest, as they say, is History.


But wait! There’s more!


The Imperialism of the West did nothing to ease the tensions there. However, this time, it was not religion but…well maybe it was a religion of sorts…the pursuit and plundering of the natural resources and riches of the world by wealthy countries. It would seem the belief in “Manifest Destiny” did not originate in 18th-century America, as Brits, Spaniards; Italians; French; Dutch; Germans and on and on and on, all seemed to hold the same beliefs. It appears they thought that – literally – “the world was their oyster”, ripe for them – and only them – to harvest; wherever their ships may have  found themselves dropping anchor. And, oh yeah,  the hell with whomever may have a prior claim on those bivalves, up to and through The Renaissance. However, it did not end there. It continued through the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and even 21st centuries, though it’s not quite so overt now as it was then but it still exists…only now as multi-national corporations.


Fast-Forward to recent years. We now find ourselves – again – embroiled…or about to be…in yet another Shit-eye/ Sunni dust up,

thanks to our unslakable thirst for oil; which most abundantly lies, where else, in the Shit-eye/SunniLand. That said, am I the only one who asks while other Muslim states do little or nothing when these situations occur, we western countries are constantly being told “we” must “do something” to stop these idiots from killing each other over an argument about when some guy died and the resultant disparity of wealth among them?  Yes, I know it was Mohammed. Hey, it’s September 11th. Mohammed can  f-himself.

Catholics don’t all agree with The Pope but don’t go around killing each other(s) over it, do they?

Protestants don’t all agree but they don’t kill other(s) who practice their religion(s), do they?

Jews have differing beliefs but – again – they don’t kill each other(s) over it, do they?

Fundamentalist Christians have different beliefs than other Christians but – again – they don’t kill each other(s). Though, it would not be surprising if Pat Robertson were to say all of those who do not agree with him should be spitted, arse-thru-mouth and slowly turned , rotisserie-style, over hell’s fire and brimstone.


So, it is with bated breath that I await what’s next in Syria and Russia and here in Congress and The White House, which I honestly don’t know what will happen…hence the “bated” breath.

What I do know is this. Enough Americans have died over this misbegotten part of the world because of the religious zealotry which exists there; the need for oil by the west and the entitlement felt by imperialistic-leaning nations and the incumbent resentment of those countries receiving such treatment. If there were ever an argument to wean us off the titty of big oil,  this would seem to be a compelling one.


Ironically, would anyone care/invade/bomb, whatever if we were talking about, say, Rwanda? Trick question. We didn’t the last time.


It’s September 11th. Fly the flag and please remember, we are all Americans. When those miscreants flew those planes into the World Trade Center; The Pentagon and that farm field near Shanksville, Pa., heading for The White House, those bastards didn’t care if those who would die by their actions were white, black, Hispanic, Oriental, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Democrats or Republicans…whatever. All they wanted was to kill Americans. I know this thought has been bandied about by politicians over the years but I felt this then and in this instant, it’s the dead solid truth.




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