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A Cub Fan’s Epiphany!

Good day! It is this partly-sunny afternoon in ChiTown, despite northeasterly breezes whipping in off Lake Michigan, causing it to feel much cooler, “near the lake”, than further inland. Still, it’s pretty nice outside and since we really don’t know as we haven’t had much of it, how can we tell “good” weather from “bad”? That said, it’s sposetabe in the low-80s by Woden’s Day.


OK, let’s get started, shall we? cubs123





“Illinoisan yearning to flee — those TV ads”. This from S-T columnist, Neil Steinberg, who references the – seeming – never-ending stream of ads being run by GOPerGuberGuy, Bruce Rauner,  whom he describes, among other things, in the following as a reason why folks may be fleeing: “Just 1,000 feet difference between the highest and lowest points in Illinois. Four of our last eight governors went to jail; one is still there. Our next governor might be a sneering half-billionaire who believes complete lack of experience qualifies a man for a difficult job”


“U.S. teachers not as diverse as students”. The Center for American Progress wants, “…more to be done to help teachers more accurately mirror the students in their classrooms”. OK, I get it. But here’s the thing. In order for that to happen, their needs to be a more diverse group of college students who are willing to dedicate themselves to education and the teaching-profession. AND, with public education being the target of more and more cuts by pols of both parties, that is not much of an inducement.


“Congressman seeks removal of Bundy backers”. This is in regards to the “soldier-boys” camped out at the deadbeat-racist’s ranch, over whom the law-abiding ranchers, who pay their grazing  fees, and with whom they are tired of dealing.


“Americans’ retirement income on shaky ground”. This is from a letter to the editors of the S-T regarding those who would favor privatizing Social Security; the elimination of pensions and/or other retirement accounts in favor of

401(k)s and how, if completed, and then there’s another stock market collapse as we just witnessed a few short years ago, would put all of us in a precarious state. Amen.

1382,   In the Battle of Beverhoutsveld in Belgium, the townsfolk defeated the army of the Count of Flanders as the Counts Army was, well, drunk.
1430,   Jews were expelled from Speyer, Germmany. Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot was goin’ on in the Springs of the 15th-effin Century, anyway?
1494,   Chris Columbus set sail on his second voyage to the New World, where he discovered Jamaica, Mahn. Iree! Iree!. In a related item, the city of Minneapolis has decided to now “celebrate” “Columbus Day” as, “Indigenous Peoples Day”.
1764,   The Smolny Institution for noble girls opened. How nice. So many noble girls being Smolnyied.
1834,   The first mainland railway in Belgium opened. No troops were reported to have been too drunk to participate.
1862,   In Mexico, Benito Jaurez’ troops defeated the forces of Napoleon, da Turd. Stay thirsty, my friends. :-)
1865,   The 13th Amendment which abolished slavery, was ratified by all but Mississippi, which did not until 2/18/13. Who said those folks weren’t progressive?
1912,   Soviet newspaper, Pravda, was first published. Think of it as a precursor to FOX-News.
1943,   Mont Python-Laureate, Michael Palin, was born. No. I checked. No relation to Sarah.
1961,   Alan Shepard became the first American in space.






After seein’ Doc Feel-Good, MBH ‘n’ me took a ride over to Lincoln Square to do a little shopping for her day, next Sunday. Though ’twas an unsuccessful pain in the hind-end effort to find a spot to park with feeding the Daley-Deal-Parking-Meters, we finally parked and took a stroll up and down Lincoln Avenue, where yerztruly and a few Ts grew up. Believe it or not, there are a few places still there from 50-odd years ago. We stopped by what usetabe Meyers Delicatessen, a fixture in the neighborhood, which was taken over by another local deli, Gene’s.


As I grew up; delivered groceries and engaged in late-teen/early-twenties-goofiness thereabouts, I was taken back to those days. The jewelry shop where I bought MBH’s engagement ring is still there, too, as is the old “3 Links Hotel”

building. One drawback was our running into quite a few nasal-uptalking, latte-sipping-mommies, who seemed to be in such an effin’ hurry.


They also have a “vintage” guitar and amp store, where I just had to stop by. Saw some really cool old Fender amps, as well as git-fiddles. Dang, I wish I’d taken some lessons!


Woulda stayed longer but only dropped a deuce into Rich’s meter, which only gave us an hour. Oh well. Next time.



“Hannibal”. We’re about done with this one, with the only reason to continue being that we’ve invested this much time in it, we want to see how it turns out. That said, I think I have come up with the reason(s) for this.

1. Just because a story is successful as a feature film; it does not naturally follow that it will be so as a weekly series.

Sorta like being the inverse of trying to make a feature-film out of a three-and-a-half minute skit on SNL. For example, Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song”, (very funny), and then any of his films.

2. After watching this last episode, I got the distinct feeling that I as viewing the final exam of film school student.


“The Blacklist”. Tonight’s episode is the, ahem, “…last episode before the finale.” Go ahead. Re-read that and tell me why I should get excited. Obviously, some copy-writer wanted to make a name for her/him self. Oh well. Yes. I’ll watch.


“Game of Thrones”. Well, let’s see we have a slight return to a little incest; some for-real-mofuggah-swordplay…as Craster found and Arya did, too; the wolves have been uncaged; Dany’s pissed off when she hears things she thought she’d corrected have returned to where they were. Hint…it’s not very smart to piss off a little lady who has three, TOTALLY-BAD-ASSED DRAGONS…who also obey her when she tells them to attack; Bran’s using his psychic-powers with Hodor. Again, not a good idea to screw with this little cripple, as he also has a wolf, like Jon Snow. AND, Joffrey may not have been the only spoiled-brattinella who happened to be King.


“SNL” With Brit, Andrew Garfield, aka “Spiderman” as the host and Coldplay as the musical guest, this one was a goodie. From the opening with Bobby Moynihan doing Donald Sterling; to a take-off on “Tanx” biker pants to hold in fart-smells, called “Stanx”; to Leslie Jones telling the world how she, as a 6′-tall black woman would NOT be single if there were still slavery…which was funny…it really was, though many are pissed off about it…to Coldplay; to Garfield and gal-pal, Emma Stone trying to do a “kiss-scene”, which they supposedly had never done; to the “Unamericanism of not liking Beyoncé-skit.  Back to Jones. I’ll let her speak for herself. ‘Saturday Night Live’ writer Leslie Jones responds to criticism of slavery standup — VIDEO |

‘Saturday Night Live’ writer Leslie Jones responds to cr…

If you joke about slavery on TV, you’re going to get some backlash. Leslie Jones, a writer for Saturday Night Live, made her onscreen debut during May 3′s…
Preview by Yahoo


“Louis” is back. Louis C.K. returns.


“Rosemary’s Baby” As we watched “Hannibal”, a promo for this remake of the 1967, Ira Levin novel-based film with Mia Farrow as Rosemary, came on. I said what I did above about films not making good series. Then I found out today that this is only a two-part mini-series. That makes more sense. That said, I only watched the original as MBH was so wrapped up in it. Don’t know if I will this time.




“We’re the Millers” How to say this? How about, “Sure as hell am glad I didn’t duke out $20.00 for the two of us to see this one at the show. Don’t get me wrong. It was OK; cute sometimes with a few LOLs and snot-bubblers, thrown in. That said, it’s a good thing Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston were the stars; along with Nick Offerman, Ed Helms,

Will Poulter and Emma Roberts…and a not-so-good-thing, too, as with these folks, I was expecting more. Trouble is, what they were given to work with just wasn’t quite enough.


Yes, the idea of Jennifer Aniston playing a stripper wasn’t bad. Don’t know if she had a body-double or not but whose ever it was, that lady had some, ahem, skills. There’s also a full-frontal nudity scene but sorry boys, not Jenn. Uh-uh. It was Poulter. Now, as the totally, clueless 18-year-old, he was dead-on.


I’d give it 2-stars.





DaHAWKS…6-down; 10 to go.

This is going to be interesting. As much as I’d love the Hawks to sweep the Wild, ‘t’ain’t happenin’ McGee…at least the odds lean that way. So, if that’s the case, Game 5, in Minnehaha will be next Sunday, Mothers Day. But, NBC also has the TPC at Sawgrass’ final round, Sunday afternoon. So, will they have the game Sunday night on NBC or during the day on one of their cable-stations. AND, there are those games with the LA/Anaheim; Bahstehn/Muntreohl and Rangehs/Pens.


Gotstsay this. THANK ZEUS FOR THE BLACKHAWKS! At least we get one team to give us something to cheer about with some confidence.


This is also gonna be fun what with 4 of the 8 teams represented amongst our little retinue. Game 3, tomorrow night.


Go, Hawks!



-Don’t know how I did, I mean, really. Starting tonight, “The Crosstown Cup” begins! That’s some lame-ass promo dreamed up by BP…yeah, the oil-spill guys…and, I guess, our two baseball teams. Funny but they started this when they had the oil-spill, which didn’t go over to well. No worries. They’ve soldiered on; it’s back as it has been.


So, the 11-18 Flubs with their mucho-robusto .379 W/L% host the 15-17 ChiSox with their much better, .469 W/L %. at Wrigley Field, tonight to begin a four-game home-and-home which travels to The Cell on  Woden’s and Thor’s days.


Too bad the wind’s blowin’ in. I’d love to see how far Abreu might hit one outta “The Friendly Confines”. I mean, really, I haven’t seen that much raw-power in a hitter in a long, long, time. If he can cut down on his Ks, he could be another Big Hurt. Right now, he’s Kd 35 times in 32 games, whilst windmiller par excellence, Adam Dunn’s whiffed 30 times in 25 games. That’s not a rap; just an observation. And will go out over my skis to the extent that if he played for the Flubs, the whole world would be watching.


-By the way, the Turds were in town over the weekend and guess what? DaFlubs won the series. FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR!


Trouble is, again, no matter how good Arrieta looked in limited use; or Hammel; or Smarj; any good pitching’ll be gone by July; again leaving us to embrace the futility.


Oh yeah…all sortsa empty seats for a Cards/Cubs weekend series. Unbelievable!



-Much like my thoughts on “Hannibal”, I believe I have reached a clarification of perception, if you will.

Remember when you were in high school and there was that certain girl or guy who everyone wanted to ask out; including YOU? With me so far? But you never did, because, well, ya didn’t wanna have her/him say, “No” sending your hopes into a caterwauling cascade only stopping below the 9th circle of Hell, right? But then you decided you’d ask and just like in the movies, just as you’re gonna, BAM!, some more popular guy/gal asked her/him before you! Leavin’ you sittin’ on the curb; spittin’ into the gutter between drags on your last Camel cigarette.


That’s us, Flubs fans. That PanamaHottie/DukeOfEarl we all want so So SO, bad,…a winning team and maybe a pennant…or even a World Series, keeps gettin’ asked out ahead of us by better teams, while we take another drag and suck down a 16-ounce Old Style at The Cubbie Bear/Bernie’s or Murphy’s.


I’ll watch some tonight as MBH’s gonna be out. Wow! What a night I have, huh? Looks like I’ll need a few Miller Fortunes…or 16-ounce Old Styles.


OK, it’s getting nigh unto dinner time, so I’m signing off. I have a busy week and while I hope to be at this as usual, I may not.


Till next time, remember that any day we can look down at our roses instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.





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