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5 Year Old Shoots Sister, Illinois Pension Reform, Casino Bill and Mo’…

Good morning on this Winnie-the-Pooh-type blustery, World Humor Day! Yestermorn ’twas 20-degrees warmer at this time. Come on. You didn’t really think we’d stay in the 80s’; 70s even the 60s didja? Hah! We are back in the 50s, folks. Enjoy!
Oh yeah…almost forgot. Happy 40th Birthday, Bar Code! Yes, Nesters, 40-years ago, today, the bar code came into existence. I guess the significance of this is, as far as all of my kids are concerned, there always was a bar code.

Happy 40th, barcodes!

Happy 40th, barcodes!

A shout out to one of our fellow-Nesters who’s at home convalescing from some “corrective” surgery. Doncha just love that description?
Just about all…at least a large majority…of us have been “under the knife” for one reason or another. Corrective; necessary;
therapetic, (that’s a Barney Fife-ism), they all hurt! Take care, Nester.
Before I get started, some editorial notes. Today will be a mixed-bag of FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY and Thor’s Day, inasmuch as, well, there’s some seriosity stuff that’s gone on this week. Monday’s post will be a tad late as I have my monthly sit-down with Dr. Feel Good in the AM during the morning.
OK, let’s get it on….
Saw yesterday that Sen. Pat Toomey, R. Pa, said the reason his background-checks bill lost was due to the fact that members of his party will not vote for anything which Barry is for. These are not my words, friends. These are the words of  a Senator who received a 100-rating from Conservative groups.
For awhile, I thought maybe their 6 or 7-year-old kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews would need to be shot up while at school ,or that their kids/family/friends would need to be shot while just going to a movie. Then I thought maybe one of their own Congressional members would need to be nearly assassinated or that their own party’s president would need to survive an assassination attempt. Then I realized the latter already happened, what with Gabby Giffords and Ronald Reagan. It was the latter of the latter which tells me nothing…not one goddam thing will of any significance will be done. Why? The Reagan assassination attempt was in 1981. The Brady Bill, named for his press secretary who was more grievously wounded, was not signed into law until 1993…by SlickWilly…2-presidencies later!?!?!?!?
Yes, that’s right. Not even during Ronnie’sReign; nor Bush The First but Slick Willy did 13-years later. What I am saying is this. If their sainted; finder of Conservatism’s Holy Grail, St. Ronald’s surviving an assassination-attempt did not bring about meaningful changes in gun sales laws, why would some toddlers dying?
Sen. Toomey, keep on keepin’ on, man. You are a voice of reason among the lunatic-fringe…of all parties.
This appeared on today’s S-T’s “Nation & World” page.
“A 5-year-old boy accidentally shot his 2-year-old sister to death in rural Kentucky with a rifle he had received as a gift last year, authorities said. The children’s mother was home at the time of the shooting Tuesday but had stepped out to the porch for a few minutes and ‘she heard the gun go off’, the county coroner said.”
No matter the cost, gotta keep those gun rights! Right?
OK, we have a repressive regime killing its own citizens fomenting a civil war, which is part and parcel of our daily news headlines. Certain lawmakers say we should arm the insurgents. They say we are failing by not acting. Maybe.
Permit moi to posit a more conservative opinion. Part of the problem we face in “arming the rebels” is, well, these so-called rebels are – for the most part – Hezbollah and an offshoot of Al-Qaeda…not exactly our “friends” even in the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality. AND, lest we forget, remember the Mujahadeen. They were the “freedom fighters” who fought against those evil-doers from the then-Soviet union in Afghanistan, whom we armed with Stinger-missiles, among other sophisticated weaponry. One of their leaders was a young Saudi, from a rather wealthy family who went by the name of Osama bin Laden. I use the past-tense as two-years ago, right about now, Seal Team-6 found and assassinated him.
Of course, telling that to our chickenhawk/warhawks won’t make a difference. I don’t know about you but when I see that gutter-snipe, Bill Kristol on FOX piping about how we are making a mistake while when it was his turn to fight for HIS country, well, you know, like Theodore Nugent and Dick Cheney-Before He Dicks You, he had better things to do with his/their time.
So, Speaker Madigan has his own cure for our pension-mess. Fine. It’s understandable that some sacrifices need to be made. Tis true. That said, and you non-ChiTown residents will have to forgive me BUT, why in the eff is he still giving the ‘burbs and downstate school districts a pass on having to pay for their own teachers’ pensions, while we in ChiTown have to do it for ours…AND THEIRS? That sucks with a perfect vacuum.
There’s a new “Casino” bill being offered. It’s been tweaked to make it more palatable to Paddy O’Quinn; sweetened with a ChiTown casino, plus the south suburbs, Lake County, downstate among others, plus slots at Midway and O’Hare.
But wait! There’s more!
Its sponsor says, ahem, forgive moi if you heard this before but the, “…plan would eventually generate $268.9 million annually for the state, including $128.7 million annually for public schools in Illinois”.
Ok, fine. But please recall when The Lottery was brought about, we were told the same type of thing. Trouble was, while selling it to we Ellas, then-Guv, Big Jim Thompson, never really told us that those monies were “fungible”, i.e., ” being of such a nature that one part or quantity may be replaced by another equal part or quantity in the satisfaction of an obligation”. Thanks, In other words, the money generated is not used “in addition to” education funds on hand. Uh-uh. Nope. Not nowhere; not no-how. No, this means they take the that gambling $$$; put it into the education fund, then take the equivalent-$$$ out and put it into the general fund and use it for whatever else their pinheads can think of. In other words,
$5.00 + $5.00 = $10.00…unless it’s fungible funds. Then $5.00 + $5.00 = $5.00 after netting it out.
The FBI informed the worthless-bastard-bomber’s wife she could claim his body.
She refused.
Sounds about right.
OK, let’s lighten things up a bit, shall we?
That’s a paraphrase of the title of  a song from the late-’50s by Ellas Otha Bates…or as we knew and loved him, Bo Diddley’s
“You Can’t Judge a Book By Looking At the Cover!”
I refer to the ornamental pear trees on our parkways which look like 20 to 30-foot high Dairy Queen ice cream cones. They are absolutely beautiful, covered in mounds of white blossoms! However, not unlike a beautiful woman/handsome man who do not practice daily hygiene, they stink. I mean, the-inside-of-a tire-shop-stink! Pee-Effin-Yewwwww! In other words, a “beauty” best appreciated from afar.
Here are a couple I’ve heard/seen which, in some instances, are better than what they sponsor.
1). KFC’s “I Ate the Bones?!?!?!?!?” There are several and all are pretty funny.
2). “The Most Intersting Man in the World” radio spots for Cinco de Mayo”.
“He begins celebrating  Cinco de Mayo on Febrero Segundo
“He has three address books just for girls named Juanita”.
“His pinantas fight back”.
It falls on Sunday, this year. Enjoy responsibly while you, “…stay thirty, my friends”.
Not to be outdone, there will be a Cinco de Polacko celebration at De Copernicus Center in Jefferson Park, over the upcoming weekend. No, old Coppie didn’t become French. It’s just dat dere ain’t no “th” sound in Polack, so it’s “De”, not “The”.
Saw one of da vendors serve da guy from FOX a Polish “corndog”. Yep, you guessed it…a battered, deep-fried kielbasa. No cholesterol there.
Wowzers! “Iron Man 3″ gets 3-1/2 stars from Richard Roeper and ‘GN’s Dean Richards liked it very much, as well. They usually don’t agree, so that should mean something. We thought we’d see it this Saturday but with it just opening and these really good reviews, we’ll wait.
Here’s the thing. I have no problem with films using comic books as source material as, well, I “consider the source” and by doing so, do not go with any pretense of high-art. This is the difference, to me, from these films and those of Quentin Tarantino.
He seems to write comic books for the screen, expecting them to be taken seriously. I know I am being a bit pissy about that.
“Revolution”. Watched Monday’s episode last night. Finally, a character gets his comeuppance for his actions. It’s about time. Am not going into details as I know some have yet to view it. Will say that the main characters seem to walk around with “Get
Out Of Jail Free” cards, for anything they had to do with the blackout or subsequent actions…some not so noble…or
others who just don’t seem to learn that actions without thought generally result in not-so-great-results.
“Modern Family”. A couple snort-laughs but they’ve done better.
Tonight’s Tubularity….
“Big Bang” has Bob Newhart as its guest star. That alone should make it eminently watchable.
“Person of Interest”. “The Machine” has a virus and the season’s drawing to its close. Reese and Finch must join forces with their nemesis to prevent “The Machine’s” destruction. Sounds like Tarantino may have had a hand in this one.
“Elementary”. Well, we are being re-introduced to Prof. Moriarty as Holmes’ nemesis. I for one do not understand their only mentioning the Prof. once…maybe, twice. Oh well.
“Hannibal’ is a newbie. Have to record it as MBH, the creepy-crawly fan of DaNest, doesn’t like its creepy-crawliness. Huh?
Comcast Sports reporter, Susannah Collins, while attempting to compliment DaHawks on their “success”, the other day, said:
“The Hawks have had a tremendous amount of sex, this year”. Whoopsie! Thye probably have but still….
Which will bring us to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                                                                      AND NOW…SPORT
It took one of the superest passes EVER, (SAID NIKKI MINAJ)…from Johnny Oduya…in overtime…and another deft pass from Viktor Stalberg…to Bryan Bickell…to score the winning goal…against a substitute-goalie…who suffers from MS…who was told to “suit-up”…about 5-minutes before “puck drop”. BUT THEY WON!
Game 2, tomorrow at The UC.
That’s the “good” playoff news. The bad?
It seems not only Hinrich might miss tonight’s game but Taj  and Deng are sick with the flu and may not play. Oh well. I guess its better than getting within minutes of winning the conference championship only to lose it on a stoopid Hugh Hollins call on Scottie and be eliminated.
I don’t know about this kid. I comprehend the idea of waiting until he’s 100%, I think. But if that is the thinking of the team, then they should just call a press conference and let the NBA-world know that he isn’t playing. Period…end of sentence and final coda.
Also, do not…repeat, NOT…allow him to appear on the court during pre-game warm-ups. However inaccurate it may be to draw the conclusion he may be returning, it enhances the false-sense that he may…repeat, MAY…return and right soon.  Cosmetic? Yes. But it’s like a fan-dancer who doesn’t “drop” her fans. It’s nothing more than a tease…a really, frustrating, tease.
I watched Gar Foreman on Comcast about a week or so ago…he was about as defined in his comments as SlickWilly answering Ken Starr.
So, how many Sox fans were happy to see AJ get plunked? From what I’ve heard on the radio, apparently he was as much of a pain in the keester to the team for which he played as he was to any team they played.
They won last night, 5-2 to go 11-15, staying a half-game ahead of DaBOHICUBS. The difference in their divisions being that the AL Central has two teams with above .500 records, while there is only one with a sub .500 record in DaBOHICUBS’ division, which happens to be DaBOHICUBS at .407, which brings us to….
One of the really neat things about the S-T is the fact that they have no…however slim it may now be with DaTrib…incestuous relationship with DaBOHICUBS. I am providing the following link to Gordon Wittenmyer’s column today regarding owner Tom Ricketts’ veiled threat to move the team. Here it is:
He asks just what the hell are they asking we, Cubs fans, to put up with as far as the lousy teams the Rickettses have put on the field since taking over?
I heard the “Ricks”, Morrissey and Telander on Comcast Sports opine that the team’s records have steadily declined since the Rickettses have taken oven in the fall of ’09, yet as Wittenmyer also points out, charge the 3rd-highest ticket prices in MLB!
Folks, I figured they’d be bad but improving; working towards .500+ by ’14…read that like 82-80 or .502, looking towards being a competitive-contender for the division in ’15. Now? Who the eff knows?
The Press Conference.
Not to put too fine a point on this, as he was asked and answered honestly that if they did not get their signs in the outfield(s)
they’d have to consider moving.
Here’s my problem. Tucked away in the news stories are little snippets about “lower property tax rates”; “no compensation to taxpayers” for any “air rights” nor streets nor sidewalks they would occupy with their “re-do”/expansion.
In politics, when there’s something which has a distastefulness to it, which will hinder it getting through; the proponents use what are called, “rolling-disclosures”, i.e., if not asked, they say nothing and will continue the same unless or until they are challenged. Infrastructure improvements? Fine. Street fairs? Again, fine. Lowered property-taxes? NO!
In other words, leave the businesses fight between themselves…the rooftop-poachers and DaBOHICUBS…while helping the real-contributing organization to the area…man this is hard to type…DaBOHICUBS BUT NOT TAKING ANY $$$ FROM WE THE TAXPAYERS.
Last thing on this. A few Nests ago, I wrote about how the billionaire-Rickettses and their attorneys probably believing they can build their signs and not have to worry about the rooftop-poachers…lawsuit or no. Watching Comcast Sports Talk, last night, Tom Ricketts  when asked if he felt he’d win on that issue, told Dave Kaplan, “Absolutely”.
As the article asks, though, what about the team? Well, they just want us to trust them. That their new and improved stadium will bring us a World Series. Witness all the Super Bowls DaBEARS have won since the SpaceToilet on McFetridge Drive was erected with taxpayer dollars. Not enough? OK, how ’bout Milwaukee and the Brewers’; constant appearances in the Series since they got their taxpayer funded stadium?
Well, boy howdy! Watched some as one of DaRatettes had won tix to the game at a charity auction, so we watched to see if we could spot her. We couldn’t. BUT, they won. Scott Feldman tossed a complete game in the 6-2 win. (Youngins out there may not be familiar with this but there was a time when a pitcher was handed the ball at the beginning of the game and was expected…e-x-p-e-c-t-e-d…to finish it. The idea of relief pitchers was if they needed to pinch-hit for the starter; the starter couldn’t find the plate with a seeing-eye dog or late in the game, just ran out of gas.) Anyway, they played well and won, lifting them to that lofty, .407 winning percentage.
Last week, I mentioned Barkevious Mingo and the previously goofiest given name, D’Brickashaw Ferguson. However, the SFC is not the only sport with crazy names. For example, the Pods have 1st-baseman, Yonder Alonso. “Yonder”? After a throw got past him did he ask, “Where’s the ball?” and heard in response, “Yonder, Alonso!”?
Last night, DaBOHICUBS’s starting catcher was, “Dioner” Navarro. Gonna need some help with that given name as I barely made it through Spanish class in college 45-years ago.
OK, time to go. It’s turning into a “nice day for a mow”, so will get out and enjoy the day, as cool as it is.
HaGooDay! Have a great weekend and remember, any day you can pick a flower…one that doesn’t stink like a tire shop…beats staring up at its roots.

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