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36 yr old throws 9 strike outs in 6 innings… vs who?

It’s almost 1:00 and I’m just getting started. So sorry. Had a Doc’s follow-up and other stuff ta do.


As it’s late am skipping today’s almanac as not much in there to report, with one exception, which will be mentioned later.


AND, as we were so danged busy getting ready for Mothers Day and celebrating it, not a whole lotsa entertainment stuff, neither.


Which leaves us with the one, overabundant area, sports. So without further ado…and any non-sports fan should feel free t just skip t’day….




To begin with, today is the 89th birthday of the man who gave us:


“Deja vu all over again”


“…if you don’t know where you’re goin’ you might not get there”….OR…”If you don’t know where you’re goin’, you’ll wind up somewhere else”


“If the fans don’t come to the ballpark, you can’t stop them”.


AND…”When you come to a fork in the road, take it”…


Lawrence Peter, “Yogi” Berra.



-As we all know and has been said in these spaces before, this is the Collective’s “Hope Springs Eternal” moment. Every GM/scout/head coach/co-ordinator/assistant coach/ water boy/cheerleader…all of ‘em….every single one of ‘em thinks they got the best player available…for the most value…at the lowest cost and everything’s comin’ up roses.


Of course, this does not automatically follow. Just ask any San Diego fan about Ryan Leaf…or any Packehs fan about Tony Mandarich; the guy for whom they passed up the opportunity of taking…are you sitting down? I mean, this is gag-inducing: one of THE Sanders…Barry and/or Deion. Oh yeah, Bears fans, y’all hadta love that one.


OK, here’s what NFL Network had to say in the following link: 2014 NFL Draft: Quick-snap grades for all 32 teams


Some highlights for our members as they appear in the synopsis, which again, is subjective and has rated the teams as noted…




The Bay teams, Green and San Fran. Considering they picked 21st and 30th, that’s saying something. Am sure Bill’s hoping so, as I sure as hell am.




Joe’s New Yawk Yets! I thought they did the best with getting Pryor.




DaBears. More later.






2014 NFL Draft: Quick-snap grades for all 32 teams

The 2014 NFL Draft wrapped up as all 32 teams solidified their future and possibly laid the groundwork for a few Super Bowls. How did your team do? Check o…
Preview by Yahoo


-The Pats seem to have gotten the best-looking young dude, in Tony Garoppolo.


-Some great names…and one’s a Packeh…


“Ha Ha Clinton Dix…Packehs


“David Fales”…Bears. How’s THAT for a surname? And it ain’t no crazy pronunciation…like “falls” or Fay-less”…uh-uh. It’s just like it looks…rhymes with the opposite of “passes”.


“Darqueeze Diamond”, who gives the Bengals a name-challenger to Barkevius Mingo, of the Browns, in “The Battle of Crazy Names of Ohio”.




This is no rip on DaBears and their Emery Board. I just don’t get it. Granted, after this year, they will need a CB; Fuller seems to have been the consensus “best” CB on the everyone’s “boards”; DaBears subscribe to the “best player available” philosophy. Fine. BUT…”4th and 8,; 48-seconds left” Chris Conte’s recovering from surgery and isn’t expected to report till the first pre-season game. They picked up a Pack-castoff, M.D. Jennings, whose main claim to fame was being the guy who was NOT credited with an INT in that Seattle game; officiated by replacement refs. Otherwise, he was often seen practicing his “trail-technique”, chasing after ball-carriers he’d not covered in the secondary.


My point is, you can use a pick for “need”, who will also fill the “BPA” requirement. By taking Fuller, they left Pryor for Joe’s Yets!; Ha Ha for my Packehs and Ward for Bill’s Niners. Consider this a “group” “Thank you”.


Only time will tell but if there were ever a situation where a grievous-need had an – almost – sure-fire resolution but was passed; this seems as if it could be.




When last we met…


-Joe’s and Whitney’s Rangers were down 3-1. They are now 3-3 and play Game 7 in Pittsburgh, Tuesday.


-Rene’s Kings or Ducks were 2-1, Kings. They are now 2-2 with Game 5, tonight in Anaheim.


-DaHawks were up, 2-1. They are now up 3-2 with Game 6, tomorrow in Minnehaha.

I watched all of Friday’s debacle; decided NOT to watch last night’s …save for a quick flip to see them…DaHawks…  down 1-0 in the 2nd.



-Perhaps not with Da Sox and Mutts,as at least they’re within sniffing distance of .500, being just one-game-under. Forget the Yanks and Doyers. We don’t know what a winning record looks like around here, pardner.


And then we have our season-long huggy-bear-embrace-the-futility of DaFlubs.

While they have done very much to codify, if you will, some of the subtleties of MLB, e.g., the value of guys who hit .279 and have TWTW, (Harrelson’s “The Will To Win), I am no big fan of Sabermetrics. One example is their “quality-start”, i.e., a pitcher who goes 6-innings and gives up no more than 3-runs. Folks, that works out to a 4.50 ERA. Of course, Sabers don’t think ERA means as much as their stuff, so no biggie. Sorry. Give me a starting staff with a 4.50 ERA and I see a team that needs to score 5-runs/game.


Where’re we goin’ with this? Well, DaFlubs have some really innerestin’ “hitting” stats. I’ve surrounded hitting with quotation marks, as, well, you’ll see.


The “In Theo We Trust”…or…”Theo and His PussyCats”, world, this is the new reality. The following appeared in S-T Cubs beat-guy, Gordon Wittenmyer’s column, today:

“When the Cubs lost 5-2 to the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, it marked the 15th time in 36 games — including all three in the Braves’ series sweep — that they’ve managed two or fewer runs. It’s been three or fewer runs 20 times.

They already were the third-lowest scoring team in the National League entering play Sunday before 36-year-old Aaron Harang, an overlooked free agent signed at the end of spring training because of injuries, struck them out nine times in a six-inning start.”


Let’s “do the math”, shall we? Of their first 36 games; in 20 of them, they have not scored more than 3-runs…or 55% of the time…in those 36 games…or shall we call them, “Exercises in futility”…they have scored, ahem, 110 runs…or, 3.05 runs/game. Back to “Sabers”, that would make a team full of “quality-starters” look like, Koufax, Seaver, Gibson,

Spahn and Carlton.


But wait!  There’s more!


After all, we DO have all those prospects “down on the farm(s)”, right? Here’s more from Gordo’s column:

“Or not. Maybe this is all there is.

Don’t expect to see any help anytime soon from those prospects. The top-ranked hitter in the system, Javy Baez, is struggling to hit .150 at Class AAA Iowa and has the highest strikeout rate in the Pacific Coast League.

And don’t even think about hot-hitting Class AA slugger Kris Bryant. The Cubs are in no rush to move him to AAA, much less Chicago.

At this rate, the Cubs’ struggles are putting them in play for the top overall pick in next year’s draft. They’re on a 108-loss pace as they head to St. Louis for a four-game series starting Monday.

As good as it gets in 2014?”


So, when was it you said SFC training camps open?




1955,   Sam Jones pitched a no-no for the Cubs; the hard way by walking the first, three batters he faced in the 9th.


1956,   Brooklyn Doyers’ Carl Erskine also tossed a no-no.


1970,   Ernie Banks hit his 500the homer. I watched that on TV.


2001,   A.J. Burnett tossed a no-no…(another one?)…while walking 9 batters.



As much as I wanted an American to win…and as much as eventual winner, Martin Kaymer tried to - seemingly – give it away after a long rain-delay, his record-setting 1st round helped carry him through the next 54-holes for a one-Stroke victory over Jim Furyk, for a nifty $1,800,000.00 first-prize.


20-year-old, phenom, Jordan Spieth’s wheels fell off, again. BUT, he still finished at 10-under, tied for 4th with David Hearn.


Next Major is The Open, over Fathers Day weekend. By the way, it seems the PGA has…and will continue to…schedule this tourney over Mothers Day weekend. Oh well.


Please feel free to contribute.


Have a great day. Remember, any day we can look down at our plants, instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.


Take care.


BTW, not sure what this week’s schedule’s gonna be. Hope ya don’t miss me…well, actually, I’d kinda like it.






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