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Archive for November, 2014


I only have a short time before we get into high-gear with our final preps for Turkey Day; putting up Christmas Decorations on DaNest and whatever else comes along through the weekend…and, oh yeah, MyPackehs hosting Whitney and Emmanuel’s Pats. I wish you guys all the best when you play San Diego.   I wanted […]


Turkey-Day, Minus Three

                                                                           WABBIT STHEASTHON Hey kids! What day is it? It’s… “National Sardines Day”…and that’s not just on the island of Sardinia, neither! OK, Wat, what’s happened on this date according to in…  


A QHICHE jotting…semi-feel good

Hi! Have a few minutes so decided to sit down at the keyboard with some observations on… “National Absurdity Day”. How could I NOT Twack on this day? …and… “National Peanut Butter Fudge Day”. Come on, really? Again, how could I not. ..and… “National Smoke Out Day”. As many of you had, I quit 30+ […]


It’s Feel- Good/Happy Hump Day… Maybe

Am going to be short ‘n’ sweet t’day, as I have stuff to do late this morning. Also, I may not be able to do a Feel-Good Thor’s Day, as we have stuff t’morra and I’m “subbing” a split-shift, Friday…mid-morning and early afternoon. Also, as next Thor’s Day is Thanksgiving my posts may not appear […]


Monday! It’s Monday

OK, we’re in early-stage ChiBeria this week,. No sense harping on that, so let’s get started, shall we?     WABBIT STHEASTHON   It’s “National Baclava Day”.  This, basically, this is our Greek friends way of saying to us all, “…eef you doant have the diabtetes, you weel…”.   Now, for what’s happened on November […]


It’s Happy Hump Day! Whoa, Camel! Whoa! When I Sez Whoa!

It’s bright sunny…shiver, me timbers; the frost is on the punkins…morning in ChiTown…with the thermo-meter registering a balmy 28-degrees. Well, it IS November and Thanksgiving’s only 15-days away. Yeah…15-days to Turkey Day! MBH is out exchanging the 22#er she’d bought for a 26er. Yeah. We’re serious about “Gobble-gobble” day around here.


Monday Monday!

It’s the last nice day before – possibly – another polar-vortex – parks up north and chills our heinies for us for awhile…not that we missed Chiberia or anything.   As I was busy with football over the weekend, and really didn’t watch much tube, will do our “Day/Date/Headlines” and then go into what befell a […]

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It Is Feel – Good Friday!

Howdy! What a difference  day makes! So far, it’s nice for an 11/7. Though, there is snow in our forecast for next Tuesday/Wednesday but hey, it IS Feel-Good Friday, right? Don’t have much to go into newswise, so decided to try a little, “…now for something completely different…”, sort of. But first, let’s do our […]