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Archive for March, 2014

Drink Your Fortune!

Good morrow. It’s a drizzly, dank, occasionally-snow-flaked, Friday morn, here in the City on The Lake. Not complaining though, as it’s actually ABOVE freezing, with a forecast for steadily rising temps, which if all goes according to plan, should give we ChiTowners our first 60-degree temp since last November! That’s something about which to FEEL-GOOD! […]

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WHO’s a Bear?

God efftermiddag, alla! Thought I’d do some Swedish to¬†welcome the new Viking to ChiTown. He was the guy I wanted my Packehs to get but Peppers wasn’t too bad, neither. Anyway, more on this later. Though will say it will be a major portion of t’day’s post. OK, let’s get to it. To get everyone […]

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Number 1 World Leader = Pope Francis!

I didn’t used to, y’know. Though Mondays usedta mark the start of my work-week, now they just mark the start of another week and in this instance, maybe towards Spring, so now it’s another day that feels like Saturday. Yes, I know, yer all thinikn’, “Wat! Spring began last Thursday. Uh-huh. Funny, I still wore […]


It’s Spring in Chicago! (and it’s snowing)

Well, boy howdy! The first day of Spring…which was mis-timed by yerztruly as beginning at 11:47AM in the morning, when it actually began at 11:57AM, in the morning…began with its last gasp of winter around 6:30 AM in the morning with snow falling! Never mind. It then became sunny and Apollo drove his chariot high […]


Pepper’s a Packer?

And a “Good morrow” to all of you on this fairly balmy, St. Patrick’s Day. We may rub up against a sunny-35-degrees, which will allow MBH and one of DaWatettes and yerztruly to be out and about this mornin’ with one stop at Ray Harrington’s for some of their signature corned beef sandwiches. But until […]


New S.A.T Rule – No Calculators! Uh oh.

It’s 8:01 AM in the mornin’ and Sir Mick and the Lads are pounding out their version of Julie London’s hubby, Bobby Troupe’s “Route 66″. Apollo’s chariot is a-risin’ higher and higher and we’re sposetabe seein’ temps reaching…dare I say it..43-degrees…and sunny! We also welcome back our resident-joke-sender-in-chief, T-John who with his purty-wife just returned […]

We goin' Way Back...

Remember Man That You Are dust…

Good day. Not really. As I sit here at 8:30 AM in the morning in ChiTown it is grabasstically snowing AGAIN! Would SOMEONE please tell Mutha Nature that it’s March 5th and as leoninely as the month of Ares likes to make its entrance, I/we/us are about ready to refer to Mutha Nature as a […]

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Man, are those women TALL!

Howdy. Sorry for the delay but had some stuff ta do and well, you know. We’re still dealing with this crappy-assed weather…even had some “lake effect”, this morning…with snow totals for the season at over 73-inches. Now for our neighbors in the Wolverine State, that’s child’s play but for us, it’s better’n double the norm. […]

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