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Archive for January, 2014

Vodka Blamed For Russian Deaths. Ya Think?

Well, boy howdy if this ain’t a-somethin’! Right now, we’re ending the third, snowiest January in ChiTown…just 6.9-inches behind 1979′s 42.5, which helped to drive T-Bill out of ChiTown and off to the Bay Area. T-DaveK sent me an email so’s I could warn Bessie that she’d be a-workin’ this weekend. She knows. I already […]

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We’re Having a Heat Wave!

I can just see Marilyn Monroe gliding across the screen, singing “We’re Having a Heat Wave”, as our temps soar to near 20-degrees, today. Some of our neighbors are without water as a water main broke, right where Peoples Gas’ contractors had been working for 3-months. Hmmmm, a coincidence? Maybe. At least the City Water […]

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Who’s on your all-time baseball team?

Well boy howdy, a well-digger’s arse seems like a mighty warm spot compared to our hometown, huh? Here’s the thing, it’s gonna be like this through Woden’s day; then it’s gonna warm up an we’ll get some more snow. Ah, Chiberia!   OK, let’s get to it.   WABBIT SEASON   -THE BEAT GOES ON, or […]

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MLB Hall of Fame, Morton Salt Girl, & Bieber Behind Bars!

Howdy. Sorry about the delay but with forecast highs next week of 0 or less, we decided to take advantage of today’s balmy temps in the teens to TCB. We’ve been home about an hour or so and I’m still a bit chilly.   It looks like yerztuly pushed some buttons again this week with […]

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Chicago, the “City of Lights”! (and beer flavored jelly beans!)

Good morrow.   It’s colder than an Eskimo’s hind-side here in ChiTown. As I type this, the “high” temperature reading is, ahem, -1, which is accompanied by a -25 wind chill. In a word, BRRRRRRRRRRRRR. No wait, make that MUTHA-FUGGA! IT’S FUGGIN’ COLD!   Funny but New Joisey, the site of The Super Bowl also is […]

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The Most Important Picture Ever Taken

They pointed the Hubble Telescope at an empty patch of sky… look what they found! “Awesome” doesn’t begin to describe it. Every galaxy in the image is in its proper distance as viewed from the telescope line of sight.  It is an uplifting and mind-expanding experience to have a glimpse of how the playground of […]


WIll Manning make a fool outta Richard Sherman?

Good morrow. As I am in the final stages of thawing out from clearing about 5-inches of “lake-effect” from around Da Wat’s Nest, I thought I’d set down and pen a few thoughts.   But before we do and since later in Sports, our attentions will be turning to baseball, here’s a segment of one […]

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It’s sentirse bien Viernes! (feel-good Friday, silly!)

“Well I’m so glad to be livin’ in the USA!” Thus sayeth Chuck Berry.   -Yes, we’re back home and pretty much de-jet-lagged. My, oh my! How do our Presidents deal with that?!?! Yes, they’re not out of the country for too long but still, getting our body-clocks readjusted from operating in a time-zone which […]

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To Cutler or not to Cutler! That is the question…

Good morrow to all on this frigid, Feel-Good Friday morning. It’s a balmy 18-degrees outside with azure blue skies and a southerly breeze, for which we are glad as that’s bringing about -15 wind chills. One can only wonder at what it’d feel like if it were from the north. Brrrrr.   Our  “northern-right-coasters” are  […]

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Happy New Year! (and is WHO’s gay?)

Good morning and a Happy New Year to all!   Quite honestly, this is about the last thing I’d thought I’d have been doing right about now but it snowed all night…it’s still snowing more and is sposeta continue though tomorrow. You “right-coasters” up around New England beware. This is a lefty-loosie heading across us […]

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