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Archive for October, 2013

It’s All Hallows Eve!

Good day! What an apt morn for “All Hallows Eve”, no? Well, not exactly. I mean it’s breezy and the leaves they are a changin’ and a fallin’ but it feels more like the end of April than October, temps-wise. It’s also rainin’ in ChiTownLand, something we haven’t seen in a long time. All things […]

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-Is The NFL Becoming the NCAA?

‘Tis a beautifully, crisp, Autumn morning on this last Monday of the month and 301st of the year. As DaBears nor Packehs were on the tube this weekend, we took a tour of The Morton Arboretum on another beautiful day. Funny, with all the trees there, few had gone to their autumnal hues. Interestingly, our […]

Is The SFC Becoming the NCAA? Read it!

The BarryCare hearings have begun…

Once again, we begin the day with a beautiful, crisp sunrise. Hopefully, it will not follow suit as recently and revert to chilly, slate-grey skies with boreal, chilly winds. I mean, ain’t it enough that we’re doing mid-November already? That said, it’s ‘sposetabe a bit warmer in the next week or so…but rainy. Oh well. […]

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How stoopid is the GOP?

Good day, all.   The frost is on the pumpkins on this sunny October morn. Unseasonally cool temps have us feeling a bit more November-like, which is a mere 8-days away. However, by then, it’s sposetabe warmer. Go figure. Funny thing. As I checked my calendar this morning, I see we have as many days […]

See how stoopid the GOP is... click!


Good day, all.   Have much to do today…well not THAT much, but have an early engagement…so will be short ‘n’ sweet. Not too much in the news that begs for comment. It’s about time, no? With that, let’s check the Way Back Machine to see what’s occurred on this date in history, in…   […]

Discuss the stoopidity of these folks... click now

But wait! There’s morererer!

Good day, though that is more in the expression than reality in that I am gazing at a slate-grey sky, on a chilly mid-October-morn. Well hey, it IS the day after the Ides of October, isn’t it? MBH had me switch on the furnace…alas and alack…as it was a bit chilly in the Nest…or…there are […]

But wait! There's morererer... we told ya, didn't we!?

Where are the Bears after 6 weeks?

This is quite the day! Another sun-splashed sunrise as Phoebus, (figured I use his real name instead of that rip-off Roman nom de plume), rides his chariot high in the October sky for what has been described as one of the last, summerlike, days we’ll see for awhile as┬áBoreas changes the wind-direction and cools things […]

You gotsa click to se the rest...

Tuesday’s Child is Full Of…

Wowzers!   Take a day to play Capt. Nemo for a few hours and the fed’ral guvm’n’t closes down; the Cubs fire SwamiSveum; after DaBears got spanked in Detroyit; not to mention that it’s the first day of October, which is also the first day of the last quarter of the year; the 274th of […]

Sure, read about the Bears and the Cubs...

Political Chickens Home to Roost

Good morrow on this pretty dang nice October morn. We had some showers of which we are/were in dire need. Hopefully, my grass will dry enough for me to cut it, though there’s a 50% chance of more┬áprecip. Oh well.   There’s quite a bit in the news, not all of which is FEEL-GOOD, and, […]


The US Gov – Gone Fishin’

Good day! It truly is in ChiTownLand, today! Actually, ’tis a great day. Apollo’s chariot is ablaze across an azure blue sky, with light northeasterly breezes wafting over, as we head towards an unseasonably warm day, with a forecast high in the upper 70s. As an old friend used to say to me, “It’s great […]

the Gov is out to lunch... read on...