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Archive for August, 2013

The Hypocrites is Me…

Howdy!   It’s HOT ‘N’ STICKY, again! Forecast high in the 90s with humid sub-tropical humidity levels for today, with a break tomorrow; more Sunday and then, on the 2nd day of meteorological Fall, we begin a week with temps in the 70s. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. How nice THAT will be. Of course, no more seersucker suits, […]

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50 Years Ago Today…

Good day to all! Our temps have moderated somewhat but we still have that Amazon Basin humidity, which while it’s 77-degrees, still makes for “sticky-pits”, among other frictionalizing body areas. A couple notes before we begin. Let’s all hold a good thought for our LeftCoasters, Bill and Cathie who are in The Bay Area, which […]

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Ready For Some Football? (BFW Style!)

WELL? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?   Unbelievably, it’s that happy time again as BFW Football begins a week from this Thursday.   As previously, our league has no fees and is just for schits and giggles…and some chops-busting, too.   This is a “cofidence league”, which means you must assign points-values to your […]



WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!   All ChiTowners or ChiTown travelers planning on using Foster Avenue east or west bound…DON’T! On my way to Doc Feel-Good’s, I decided the hell with the RahmCam at Gompers Park, (more on that later), I was taking Foster anyway! Well, partners, beware! What WAS a short, road construction project of […]

Traffic Cameras... to a Street Near You...


Good day and ain’t that the truth! It’s 30-degrees cooler than in Lost Wages with an azure, blue-sky and a soft, Zephyrian wind making for a beautiful day. These are the kinds of days for which we tolerate our winters.   Briefly, our stay in Vegas was great! While my sojourn into the gambling dens […]



Good day, one and all. It is a beautiful late-summer morn here at Da Wat’s Nest. Apollo’s chariot is easing up higher in the sky while Boreas sends soft, cool, comforting breezes to compliment Apollo’s rays for a nearly perfect ante-meridian experience. There are some showers expected later but hey, we need them. Yes, despite […]



Good day. I’m back and a bit more rested, though not completely. Oh, to be young again! MBH ‘n’ me are in a trough of a week as, well, the wedding’s over, so we get to catch our breath from that, however, there will be no Twacks next week as, well, we’re leavin’ on a […]

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Good morrow, Twackers! How are we all, today? Tis Friday and our worker-bee-Twackers have <8-hours till the weekend! My fondest wish is that one day, all of you will be able to look someone straight in the eye and say without fear of refutation, “To me, every day is Saturday”. Weatherwise, it’s been crazy. Overnight, there […]