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Archive for July, 2013

Knock Knock… Argo Who?

Good morning. Whilst we ChiTowners continue in our late-May/early September-type weather on 31st day of July, which also happens to be the 212th of 2013, in the Year of Our Lord, Zeus Almighty. Summer weather is expected to return with next month, which begins tomorrow and within which we shall make our Hajj to the […]

Snowden, Weiner, and The Pope...

Snowden’s dad wants a fair trial… Laurel and Hardy can help.

It’s a beautiful late-September…I mean, July…morning. While it’s a tad chilly for July, at least it’s sunny, which takes the edge off the 65-degrees or so that we’re experiencing. Though I like summer to be - well, summer –  these cooler temps beat the crap outta the 90s.   Let’s go to the Wayback Machine and see what […]

Lot's more ahead...

OJ, TARP, Jagger, and Wolverine!

Good morning on this slate-grey day. A misty rain falls; not enough to call a ballgame but enough to stall off my lawn mowing…at least for a few hours. Things have been a tad crazy around here, lately but what else is new, right?   As I have much to do, let’s get started with […]

OJ, TARP, Jagger, and Wolverine... and taining camp is ON!

Wienie-Waggler Anthony Weiner

Good morning…and it truly is! Phoebus’ chariot is rising ever so high in an azure blue-sky, whilst Boreas sends us soft, comfy breezes from the north, making today “one of those days” we enjoy and for which we endure Chicago’s winters.   We have a “target-rich” environment, today, most of which is centered in ChiTown […]

Anthony Weiner, Rahmbo and More!

Chitown Workers… 333ft/hour!

IT’S WABBIT SEASON ON THIS DATE IN… 1515,  Emperor Maximillian and Vladislav of Bohemia form an alliance between the Hapsburgs and Jagiellos. Ane we all know what that meant. Thet all became HapsburJagiellos. 1924, Helen Spensley was born to Walter and Irene. 1934, John Dillinger was shot outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago. Yes, the […]

Chicago workers... sleeping as usual! Click and Read On...

Tunney… “Vanna, I’d like to buy a clue”.

A letter from Fatrats to the Sun Times…   August 8/8/13, will be the 25th anniversary of lights going in at Wrigley Field.   Since a few years before then, the area known as “Wrigleyville” has been undergoing a Renaissance, from seedy, sketchiness to the vibrancy of a trendy neighborhood, long since devoid of its former […]


Adios Matt Garza!

Sorry for the lateness but hadta take care of some outdoor activities, read that, shopping, before we got downright Amazonian out there. You know it’s “hot ‘n’ sticky” when you exit your comfy, AC’d indoors and immediately feel like a 13-year old boy after a wet dream. The forecast is for more of the same through […]

Get Garza'd... read on!

-George Zimmerman, Alan Dershowitz and me.

Good morning on this “hot and sticky” 15th day of July; the 196th in the year of our lord, Zeus Almighty. It seems we’re back to Nat King Cole’s “lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer”. You know, the ”…soda, pretzels and beer”, kind. It’s going to be the “3-H Club”, this week. By that I mean, […]

Zimmerman, and the state of the Sox and Cubs

Snowden, Zimmerman Dick Mell and Beer Can Wars!

Good morrow, on this FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, good friends!  The 193rd in the year of Father Zeus who has blessed us with a fanglorious day; low humidity; mild temps and an inspiring azure blue sky upon which one might wax poetic…even Fat Rats. Yes, we inch…or would it be “day”…along through the remaining 172 of a year which has not been […]

We're JUST Getting Started... read On!

John Paul Cleared For Sainthood! (and more Paula Dean?)

Good morning! Father Zeus-Cloud-Gatherer is making his presence known with a slate-grey sky and some precip, gently falling. It is also nigh unto Amazonian out there, humiditally-speaking, along with temps nearly 80-degrees at 7 AM in the morning. I hope you all had a semi-interrupted, wonderful Holiday weekend. We spent several hours at our fave-bass […]

More Dean, Snowden, Cubs, Sox...