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Archive for June, 2013

Welcome Home Blackhawks!

Well howdy, folks. Here we are on this last work day of June, which brings the 2nd quarter to a close. (Sorry. It’s gonna take more than 17-months to purge that thinking from moi’s brain. YES! I do have a brain!) Now that it is officially a week into Summer, we are having a bit […]

A Chicag sprts themed Ratitorial! Read on!

Hawks Win! Hawks Win!

Good morning to all gatherers of all species of all forms of fauna in order to continue life on postdiluvian earth. Here in Da Nest, we’ve had 3-inches of rainfall since around midnight…with more forecast later today and throughout the rest of the week. It would seem safe to say – at least for this […]

Read all about the Hawks winning the Cup!

Chicago Schools Die…. Twinkies Live!

Good morning. How are you all? Well, I hope. As chilly as our Spring had been, as of last Friday, it’s as if Mother Nature took a gander at her calendar; did a big “Whoopsie” and decided it was time for make it “hot ‘n’ sticky”.   As my previous email stated, be prepared for […]

You KNOW you can't stop here!

Feel free to skip Dromedary Section as it’s going to be Ratitorially slanted!

Good morrow on this penultimate day of Spring…Nestwise, that is. And, it seems as if Mama Naturale is cooperating as it’ll be in the mid 70s today, while by Friday, the traditional first day of Summer, it’ll be warm, mid-80s ‘n’ humid, with the rest of the weekend warmer and humider. If you can, get […]

Bill Maher, NFL Football Practice and Mo....


Good morning. It really is, isn’t it? That is if you were not one of those caught in last night’s “Chicago Weather Folks Who Cried Derecho That Wasn’t”. All day, just like in the winter, the ominous reports continued to roll in. Warnings about what to do, etc., were nearly unending. Yeah, better to be […]

NSA "spying" by Edward Snowden and loads more! Read on...

Let these idiots kill themselves off… and Superman! (no, you can’t kill HIM off!)

Good morning. Going to be short ‘n’ sweet as am having some new brakes put on The Big Fella and the installer’s due here in an hour or so.   We are at the cusp of Father’s Day weekend which I approach bittersweetly as I do miss mine very much. But, I also have my kids who […]

Read on, you have to catch this!

Are you the center of the universe?

  How big is our Sun compared to other stars? The above video starts with Earth’s Moon and progresses through increasingly larger planets in our Solar System.  Next, the Sun is shown along as compared to many of the brighter stars in our neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy. Finally, some of the largest stars […]


Catch 22? I’ll decide!

Good morning. It’s a tad steamy here in DaRat’sNestLand, what with fog and not much in the way of any kind of breeze, as it’s  almost Summertime! Summertime! Sum-sum Summertime! Bop Pa-Pow-Pow!   I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. We did.   OK, let’s get to it with some thoughts on things which […]

Click here, there's NO Catch 22. (but we'll talk it it, will we not?)

Beanie and Cecil? Ayup… no Bikinis!

Hey there! It’s a beautiful late-April-morn on this 7th day of June…sunny, a soft breeze out of the northwest and 62-degrees on my garden thermometer. Fear not, Nesters! Just checked The Weather Channel’s 10-day outlook and we are heading for more normal temps…read that 70s…up to and through next week, Sunday, aka Father’s Day. More […]

You KNOW you want more...


My morning’s activities were canceled, leaving me with some time to peruse the paper a bit longer. That holds the possibility for being a good thing but in this instance, well, you’ll see. And, as tomorrow is FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY and this ain’t, well, again, you’ll see. I call this: A/B; B/A; ERA; I/P; OBP; W/L…AND […]

Yup, there's a lot more coming...