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Archive for May, 2013

The Stones share venues with The Hawks!

Some may recall the old adage “When the weather’s hot and sticky; that’s no time for dunkin’ _____. But when the frost is on the punkins; that the time for _____ dunkin’.” Such has been our lot in ChiTown this week. Once again, we are going from The Stones, “She’s So cold”,  to The Eagles […]

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Some new additions to the nest!

Good morning.   As I’d mentioned, will be sort ‘n’ sassy as have some stuff t’do to day. As a matter of fact, I’m busy most every day this week. So, as memorialized in film, twice, this week will be – mostly – a brief encounter.   Speaking of today, on this date in…   585 […]

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Urlacher retired… and so is #89! (and I just ship my pants!)

Good morning on this chilly, FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY of Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a balmy 44-degrees at O’Hare, with forecast highs in the 60s all weekend. Let’s go fishin’, eh? That said, it IS Memorial Day Weekend and we do need to remember what that means. No, it’s not a great weekend to buy a new […]

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Where’s Snoopy?

This seems almost too good to be true and too much like an internet myth but I checked and it does seem to have actually happened. Kind of an appropriate FEEL-GOOD,  as we head into Memorial Day Weekend I’m always a little skeptical when I receive these stories but seems to verify it. Fatrats A […]

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Our Awesome World

  Thanks to NesterBrewski for yet another really neat pic!    This one is striking!   Sometimes the sky above can become quite a show. In early September of 2010, for example, the  Moon and Venus converged, creating quite a  sight by itself for  sky enthusiasts around the  globe.   From some locations, though, the […]



Good morrow. How y’all been this past week or so? Me? Well, I been busy…more on that later.   What the Hades happened to our “Utility-Free” days? It seems as if we’ve had another “..from Winter to Summer…”, Spring this year. My A/C’s ,been on since yesterday morning due to the humidity and my having […]

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New Walmart Wine!

Wal-Mart announced that sometime in 2013 it will begin offering customers a new discount item: Wal-Mart’s own brand of wine. The world’s largest retail chain is teaming up with Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery of California to produce the wines at affordable prices in the $2 to $5 range. Wine connoisseurs may not be inclined […]


Cub fans become Sox fans, Bulls, Hawks win, Dow hits 1500

Good morning…and it is, isn’t it? Summer-like temps are forecast. Heck, the FOX-Chicago Weather girl is touting her “bikini-workout” being shown on their 9:00 PM at night, show. Minds above your belt-buckles, men! Minds above your belts! OK, let’s get Humpy! -ON THIS DATE… In 1559, Liz #1 became supreme governor of the Church of […]

When Cub fans become Sox fans, Bulls, Hawks win, Dow hits 1500... dun miss dis!

Willie Mays… Most of today’s ballplayers aren’t worthy of smelling his jock.

Good morning! Yes, it’s after Noon, but I did have to make my monthly visit to Dr. Feel-Good, who left moi feelin’ good. He actually provided some inspiration for this little exercise in exorcising of moi’s demons. More on this later. It actually seems that we are – finally – enjoying some Springtime weather. Has anybody else […]

Mucho More... Willie Mays, the Hawks... and we won't even mention the Cubs in the same sentence...

5 Year Old Shoots Sister, Illinois Pension Reform, Casino Bill and Mo’…

Good morning on this Winnie-the-Pooh-type blustery, World Humor Day! Yestermorn ’twas 20-degrees warmer at this time. Come on. You didn’t really think we’d stay in the 80s’; 70s even the 60s didja? Hah! We are back in the 50s, folks. Enjoy! Oh yeah…almost forgot. Happy 40th Birthday, Bar Code! Yes, Nesters, 40-years ago, today, the bar code came […]

5 Year Old Shoots Sister, Illinois Pension Reform, Casino Bill and Mo'...