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Archive for April, 2013

DANDELIONS DON’T TELL NO LIES. (& Mine’s Bigger ‘n Yours!)

Good morning on this most frabjous April morn; the 119th day in the Year of Our Lord, Zeus, leaving a mere 246 to go! As I begin today’s quest for truth, justice and the smart-ass way, it is a mild 55-degrees with a forecast high in the low-70s. But Wait! There’s More! On the morrow, […]

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Coldest Spring in 17 years…

Good morning on this chilly yet warming Spring morn. With apologies to our lone south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-LineNester, Buck, t’ain’t been very “Springlike” up here in YankeeLand.   Here are a few things SkillfulTomSkilling pointed out in his broadcast, yesterday. 1).This is the coldest Spring we’ve had in 17-years. 2). 29th-coldest in history. 3). 73% of our Spring days have […]

Lots more to come, Bears draft pix and more...

1 Billion Pixel Super Camera! Argus…

The next time you get the urge to pick your nose in public, think twice! Fatrats .


Smoking age to 21, and Burger King Delivers!?

Good morning on this fair and foul day. Here we are, 115 days in to the year of Zeus, 2013 and we are still dealing with temps in the 30s. The good news is, I haven’t had to mow the lawn yet. Scratch that. I do but after the rains we’ve had, it’s either been […]

Bulls, Hawks, Sox, BOHICACUBS and more... click here silly!

Cheers change to jeers! Leadbellys is on the schitt list!

Good morning on this 112th day of 2013; leaving 253 to go. It is, isn’t it, ChiTowners? At least it is for those of us who have not been affected by the floods…especially, Des Plaines. Saw on the ‘GN Morning News that River Road is still closed from Miner, (Dempster) to Touhy Ave! That pretty much […]

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Chicago floods… where was Noah when we needed him?

Good morning…or afternoon. Fortunately, I had no need to release a dove to search for dry land, here in the Land of Noah. For those who are familiar with ChiTown’s north side as it butts up against its Northwest side at Foster and Pulaski, that intersection was closed due to flooding from the North Branch […]

Chicago sports, bulls playoffs, haks and more... keep reading!

This is strikingly beautiful…

This is strikingly beautiful.   What kind of cloud is next to that mountain? A lenticular. This type of  cloud forms in air that passes over a mountain, rises up again,  and cools past the dew point — so what  molecular water carried in the  air condenses into droplets.   The layered nature of  some […]


A Letter to the Sun-Times (2)

Two points on your editorial. 1). The Cubs have now poisoned the “public funding trough” for the rest of Chicago’s sports franchises by agreeing to fund the Wrigley expansion on their own. Yes, there will be some accommodations, however, we, the taxpayers of Chicago will not be the payees for same, unlike The Cell and […]


Where Are the Black Baseball Players?

Good morning.  Yes. It’s cloudy and a bit breezy but as I type this on the morn of TAXDAY, the temp is anywhere from 53 to 57.   Not great but it beats the crap outta the 30s or 40s, no? Also, the sun rose at 6:11 AM<, in the morning and won’t set untiul […]

Why are kids not playing baseball? Read on... click here.

Gun Control, BOHICA, The Dow, 3D and More!

Good morning on this FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY! It really isn’t but hey, what’re we gonna do. It’s been more like late-October/early-November than the first month of Spring but they ain’t nuthin’ we can do about it on this 102nd day of the Year of Our Lord, Zeus, 2013. OK, let’s see what we can see, shall […]

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